Dynamic drive in XP

By brian ·

I installed a secondary hard drive in to XP SP2 as a dynamic drive. Later, the motherboard went down and I ended up replacing the mb, cpu, ram, graphics and primary hard drive. After all was working again I plugged in the dynamic drive only for windows to tell me that it wasn?t formatted. The drive was working fine up to the old mb going down. Primary drive is NTFS. How can I get the drive going again?
Setting the drive as a 32Mb limited drive, xp says :
Partition, basic, healthy, active, 31.50Gb, 100% free, online, not accessible, the volume does not contain a recognised file system.

Whilst just setting it as an unlimited slave, xp says:
As above but unformatted, there is an option to convert to dynamic disk.

Any idea?s ? I?ve read that dynamic drives are unreliable, maybe I shouldn?t have used it. I?d like to get the data off of it.


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You could try,

by lastchip In reply to Dynamic drive in XP

downloading and burning the latest copy of Knoppix live CD. Boot via the CD and see if you can see the data on the drive. In fact, it doesn't have to be Knoppix any more. You might prefer something like PCLinuxOS, which is very user friendly and will set up a network connection as part of the live CD installation.

If you can, choose a method for transfer; pen stick, via the network or whatever.

Good luck.

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only the mb?

by mike In reply to Dynamic drive in XP

if only the mb went down, why replace all those components. Sounds more like a short running across the system. Try putting the drive in all by itself to see if the system recognizes it. You do not have to boot to it for the bios torecognize it. If it can recognize it, you may need to formatt the drive. If it can't, you may need to rearrange the jumper/s on it or low level formatt it. If it is only the drive you are concerned abot and not the data, chuck it

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Mounting Dynamic Drives

by snappytom1950 In reply to only the mb?

righ click my computer
click on manage
click on disk management
you should see the drive shown
right click in the gray area at left
import forein disk

is it showing you a drive letter?

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Mounting Dynamic Drives

by snappytom1950 In reply to Dynamic drive in XP

sorry I forgot some things to mention.

right clicking in white area gives you different option as apposed to right clicking in the gray area to the left of the disk. you may have already known this but just wanted you to know all the options.

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Dynamic Drives

by snappytom1950 In reply to Dynamic drive in XP

I have a problem I think is assoiated with dynamic drives in Bootable Raid 0

I don't think Norton Internet Security likes it too much.

I keep getting an error (0xc0000142)
oscheck.exe aqccapp.exe
symcuw.exe ect.....

Also I would like any input of Going Bootable Raid 0 and keeping the Disks Basic and not changing to Dynamic. I understand the fact that you would not be able to extend the volumn into another disk but it seems to work ok that way if I am seeing it right.

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