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E Machine - Desktop Computer "One of the fastest computers on the market"

By Oz_Media ·
Okay, now that I got you laughing, this is an actual ad placed on craigslist today.

E Machine - Desktop Computer - Used only for a day - other wise brand new condition. Celeron 1.2 Ghz, 128mb RAM, onboard Video, Audio and Modem. One of the fastest computers on the market. Installed with Windows 98 for optimal performance. $450

Celeron 1.2? 128MB RAM? Win98? LOL.


I just picked up a used box for mom, P4 2.0 Gig, WinXP, 256MB NVidia grafx, 768MB RAM etc. $70.00 with original disk, plus original HD (2nd drive) with restore partition.

Yeah I know its no power box but for $70 it is great. She's only just learning Email and browsing and stuff anyway.

But that $450.00 Win98 box, FASTEST on the market sounds pretty interesting.

Oh, yes, I did send the guy a few questions, wondering if he had the original Win98 CD and if it was the super fast Second Edition or not.

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I never claim to be

by Oz_Media In reply to Just because someone was ...

Any of my friends will tell you, I am a nice guy...for an a$$hole. But being an a$$hole isn't that bad, in fact it gets you a lot farther ahead than.....behind.

I'm just honest enough that I don't pretend to be a great guy who openly welcomes the world with hugs and kisses, when I am not.

Anyone who says they got anywhere in life by being a nice guy is a liar.

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I just figure

by jdclyde In reply to I never claim to be

you're one of the nicest a$$holes around? :^0

People will tell me something I say or do "isn't nice", and so I have to remind them, I never claimed to be "nice".... ;\

loved in the "rosy" video about :58 "Retard! RETARD!"

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that's my bad

by Oz_Media In reply to I never claim to be

I actually have a couple of relatives with learning disabilities, I try not to utter such references.

In that case, I was in the press section, they have about 10 rows of roll-out seats that come out under the end stands. I was one row back from the front with my editor and while she was trying to take notes, the guy in front of us (5'2" hairy as all ****, near bald and shirtless) was waving his arms around like somthing from Planet of The Apes.

Now, I have NO problem with people showing the horns and pumping fists in the air, its rock and that's what you do.

But this guy was on a boat ride or something, swaying from side to side, head in the clouds etc. While his wife, with the giant blonde do, probably hasn't been out of the kitchen since her first kid (who's now pushing 20) was waving back and forth with him.

Note these are like the only two people who will wave their arms side to side as if on a dream cruise, even between songs.

When I was chatting with security in the beer lineup, he asked how I was doing (has known me for a while now)and what we thought of the show. I said it was unbelievable but wondered who the riff raff worked for.

He checked tickets and they had nose bleeds, back to your seats, losers!

I was just getting frustrated, I can shoot my own pics and vids (only for personal use in this case)between arms or beside someone, we had most of our row to ourselves, but this guy was like a magnet to my camera lens and really starting to irritate me, thus the comments.

All in all it was incredible though, Tacomadome is a classic venue, except the public throughways are tight, not very organized crews as far as merchandising and beers sales on the main concourse (actuallly one of the worst I've seen, as far as disorganized crowds and staff), but the floor merch staff and beer was working great.

Bonus: JUST got accepted as photographer and reviewer for Black Label Society in the NorthWest next March too! WOW, I love Zakk Wylde (took over for Randy Rhodes with Ozzy's band and has his own band, very biker oriented BLS now).

Now THAT will be a hardcore show or two with an insane backstage party, an absolutely horrific amount of beer and Crown Royal will flow with those guys. Just waiting for my laminates now.

Up The Irons! \m/ \m/

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