Easy (GUI) way to remove VPN connection in Win7? (Solved - now rants mode)

By TobiF ·
I've started playing with a new laptop. It has Win7 (Home premium 64bit).

Among other things, I configured a VPN connection.

Guess what!

Now I can't find any easy way to remove this VPN connection!

In Vista & XP you could bring up a window with all your defined network connections, select and delete, but here, the connection list pops up in the lower right corner. "Del" does nothing, right-click offers only connect and properties!

Is there any way, except registry hacking, to nicely remove a defined vpn-connection?

Wanted to check with you, before attempting to write to Redmond :)

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...Sorry buddy, I was ranting about the Nozavi link ( I had to go thru' 4 pages of cr*p before I got to the download button. And this was after clicking on a button that says "Download".

However, you do raise an interesting point. Firefox uses a built-in download manager, as does my fave browser Opera. As an IT Guru, I KNOW what it is I am clicking to download, so I would like the option built into the browser; "Confirm downloads". They do have a "Notify when downloads complete" though. Huh???!!

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I see

by TobiF In reply to One more pet peeve...

I tried that one only after I saw your post. Of course, you're right. Already the link "download here" should either give you the download, or maximum bring to the page where you'll actually get the correct link.

Another funny thing was that "by downloading this, you agree by the license terms"; but these license terms weren't easily available...

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Referring to the site organization.

by seanferd In reply to One more pet peeve...

It's just like that, for whatever reason. Annoying, indeed.

I could have picked a link closer to the actual download, but I wanted to post the description page link.

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@Sean No problem.

by TobiF In reply to One more pet peeve...

On the contrary, thanks for a good link to double knowledge:
1. On topic
2. How not to organize your site
(It's not your site, right?)

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This is spooky

by santeewelding In reply to Easy (GUI) way to remove ...

Must be that I've spent too many years sitting on Questions in my largely self-taught endeavor to learn about IT.

I've clicked on what I thought I knew about, and what I knew nothing about, since '06. Specially about those things I knew nothing about, and knew I knew nothing about. It's been like, get on that horse and ride; see where it goes, no matter how insanely arcane.

Approaching, I thought, ever more closely, the font of ultimate knowledge.

Then, you guys do this. There ain't no font. You guys, in this exchange, for all your long years in the business, are engaged with but a sliver of the slight.

I am crestfallen.

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And then: Change horse at every pit stop

by TobiF In reply to This is spooky

The problem is, that as soon as you've learnt dealing with a specfic horse, they replace it.

And it's not that everything is totally different. In this particular case, you reach the same list of defined dial-ups you had before, but it's hidden in a different place.

Or MS Office. Basically, same functionality, but MS figured they'll make something that is easier for a newcomer, but lots of fancy roll-downs and nice buttons for frequent tasks. BUT, at the same time, they hid away all other things deeper down.

And even for functions on the front pane, I prefer to use the keyboard. When you're writing, it's very inconvenient to reach for the mouse every time you need some formatting or other functions. Many commands still work, but it's not that straightforward anymore.

And, in general: From the very first versions of windows, you could choose appearance of application windows to suit your taste and needs.

One of the first big applications to break this was MS Office 2007, which totally neglects the Windows settings and enforces its own schema, where it's quite hard to quickly spot which of your windows currently has the focus.

But this is all in line with the trends of skinning. Why make it easy to use a program, if you can hide the menu and instead throw around a bunch of weird buttons to click.

So, in Internet Explorer, Office, Windows Media Player etc. you have to specifically tell the da**ed program to show its menu.

I prefer to USE my computer, not search among buttons, over and over.

In 10 years, we'll get the ZEN computer. You just turn it on. Then it'll randomly do whatever it likes, since you only have ONE single button on it, the power button. Oh, and you don't even need the screen. Just have a led blink randomly :)

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I give you your Power Button and raise you a Mind-Control-Power-Modulating-Demodulating-Positive-Negative-Sine-Wave-Transducer controlling a Turbo-Nutter-Bast*rd blinking LED (with optional mind soothing qualities)...

They disgust me!

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Oh, you must mean this:

by seanferd In reply to POWER BUTTON? Ha!
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