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eBooks anyone?

By CG IT ·
From PC World, another major publisher rejects Amazon's 9.99 ebook pricing model.

I buy ebooks from Barnes and Nobles's online ebook seller and usually pay about the same price as a paperback. From $6.00 USD to $8.00 USD. While I could go to a book store and buy it, I'd rather get an ebook so I don't have all these paperback books laying round that I have to donate or recycle. Well worth the price in convience factor as well as environment factor.

But, what I won't do is buy $14.95 ebooks. No matter who the author is, if I have to pay that kind of money, I want the hard copy or I won't buy the book until it's the paperback price.

Does anyone else buy ebooks and at what price wouldn't you pay for an ebook. Apple, it seems, believes consumer will pay $14.95 for an ebook from their store and read it on the iPad. Not for me. Don't need a $500.00 gadget to read a $14.95 book that I could probably get at the book store and then put on the shelf or even loan it to friends.

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I could say 'They can't prove it was you,' but, I'll settle for

by Deadly Ernest In reply to no, just like someone who ...

what's a library? - I have more book titles than the local library.

As a kid, I found out the libraries don't keep the books more than a few years, unless they get borrowed a lot each year. I always like to reread a goo story about five or six years later, so I buy them and keep them prisoner.

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lol or the fly imprint

by CG IT In reply to no, just like someone who ...
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I've been paying up to $10

by .Martin. In reply to eBooks anyone?

at Amazon, but that's cause I'm too lazy to look elsewhere, and it is sent to my kindle wirelessly.

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kindle, the only e-book reader that steals back what you buy -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I've been paying up to $1 ...
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ha! true...

by .Martin. In reply to kindle, the only e-book r ...

I make sure to back EVERYTHING up on my desktop

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$160 e books

by Dr Dij In reply to eBooks anyone?

I'm in classes at local college and get alot of ebooks for free just by signing in with my student#. Both medical and IT books.

Amazon also sells specialized mosby radiography books with online coursework for $150 to $500.

It's all based on quality. They give you alot of work in these, not just text but animated videos with steps involved for procedures, etc.

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"computer stuff in the medical industry"

by santeewelding In reply to $160 e books

Or, medical stuff in the computer industry?

Either way, hats off, doc.

Skills-practice is a bear, isn't it?

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Just happy

by Dr Dij In reply to "computer stuff in the me ...

I have any kind of job.

Nice to hear from TR peers.

I'm working in evening,
which allows me to take classes in the day.
not making as much as I was but I can fix that eventually.

Fascinating place. Tons of expensive, computerized gear.

I'm looking to apply my computer skills to some kind of grand project(s) in this industry, aka star trek's infirmary.

It was funny going out to 'real world' where people are not in IT, just use computers. at one Dr's office I typed in a spreadsheet summing up insurance payments, then left at 5.

The next day before I came in, young office gal had taken my spreadsheet and f'd it up. She had added totals to top row. I'd already put totals on bottom row. So her totals effectively doubled my figures. Then she told the Dr I had caused the problem.

When I tried to show her how she had f'd it up she went into a huff because I was implicitly questioning her excel skills. This from someone in their 20's. I've been using excel longer than she's been alive.

Just like when we're driving, people don't think they are ever 'bad drivers'. or if they know a tiny bit think they can do computer stuff wrong.

She wouldn't talk to me for rest of the day, which was fine with me :)

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I mention it

by santeewelding In reply to Just happy

Because I had a long working association with an eye surgeon. He, young, came by my business way back when and handed me his card. Said he was "hanging out my shingle" down the road and that he would welcome my patronage. He thought nothing of my mean circumstance.

Needless to say, he prospered (Rolls-Royce, etc). And, so did I -- creating for him what he could not buy, fixing the improbable, and trading work. Though I had medical insurance, I went to him more than once to have that FB dug out of my cornea.

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Problem with eBooks is the price of the reader

by DadsPad In reply to eBooks anyone?

I have a large collection of books, mostly paperback, but do have many hardbacks. I find eBook readers are expensive. The Sony 5" reader was on sale for $179, but that seems kind of small. As one reader (don't remember who) said an 8" reader would be ideal, but no one makes one, it's either 5 - 6" or 10".

To justify the cost of a eBook reader, how long will it be before the cost of the reader is paid for? Pricing on eBooks seem to be close to the price of a hardback, glad to see some site are still cheap. Maybe Walmart will go into the eBook market, they are the only one that will stand up to manufacturers on pricing.

Of all the books I have bought from Amazon, you think they would give me an Kindle to use. :)

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