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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to Edited out
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Cider, not juice

by jdclyde In reply to Edited out

the cider hasn't had all the good stuff filtered out of it, so it have more than natural sugar left in it for you.

Of course, drinking lots of apple cider/juice, even deluted, can make you spend much more time in the mens room! Learn your body, and don't try ANYTHING new on days that matter!

That is the same mistake golfers make. Trying out a new grip or stance in a game instead of at the driving range.

I WILL give this a shot though James, as I do lose a lot out walking a round of golf. Everyone else is fine, and I will be soaked from head to toe. Guess it is from carrying around just a LITTLE bit more weight than the rest of the group?

I buy gatorade by the flat, and keep that in hand at all times, hoping the boys (and me) will drink THAT or water, instead of soda. Between that and the walking the rounds of golf, I have lost a pant size in the last month! Woo woo! Had to even buy a new belt!

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To go with the....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Cider, not juice

sussies, babz?


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I MUST be misunderstanding you

by jdclyde In reply to To go with the....

So sorry, but I am drawing a total blank and emplore you to explain? ?

How you holding up dear? Investigation almost done? Not letting yourself get run down like the last time are you?

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by JamesRL In reply to Cider, not juice

I love cider and drink it a fair amount - buy it at the farmers market.

But I wouldnt recommend it for the sports drink replacement.

What I used was 100% apple juice from a can - yes its been filtered. The cider would have to be much more diluted.

And be careful, some of the apple juice makers now sell an apple "drink" which is less 75% juice. It is packaged to look like 100% juice to the casual observer.

Another trick I used to do is to fill my water bottle with ice and fill the space with apple juice. At first, before you have lost alot due to sweat, you are drinking cold juice. As time wears on, the ice melts, diluting the juice. I would not do this for running or cycling as you need the water for hydration sooner. But for golf or hiking its fine.

I carry a little extra too, but I find hiking or golfing not too bad, if I keep hydrated. I take my kids for hikes and they run ahead for the first part, but after about 5 miles, they get tired and I just keep going. I'm building their endurance. Nice thing is that there are lots of interesting places to hike that are not that far from me.


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Long daze in the sun

by jdclyde In reply to Personally

I take TWO bottles. I freeze one solid, so I will have something cold later on in the day after the first one runs dry.

Got two holders on my bike, and we are starting to ride longer rides as they have been building more "rail trails" where you can ride on a paved trail for an easy 80 miles each way if you choose. (old train tracks, torn out and paved).

When golfing, I have a small cooler I strap onto my golf bag. Keep a good mix of water, gatorade, kilians, jager/redbull. For the life of me, I can't figure out why my game isn't getting better? :0

I will try the juice tonight when we walk 9 after I get back into town. (would rum go good with apple?)

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edited out

by X-MarCap In reply to Personally
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Thanks for the link, James

by Tig2 In reply to Apple Juice

Tried it on yesterday's training. Worked really well! Still on the sweet side to me but at least it wasn't sport drink. I HATE that stuff!

I tried it at about 60/40 and may try thinning it a bit more. I really hate the sweet- especially when it is hot so I don't know that I would try any stronger than that.

Really appreciate the link, thanks again!

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You a smaht man

by DMambo In reply to Edited out

You move out of the way before laughing at your wife. I learned that trick about 30 minutes after meeting my future bride, but it's amazing how many I see that haven't mastered that technique.

I was just now diddling aroung in the list of TR top 100, and I noticed that 1AW and Julian are still there, in the top 50 no less. Curious that they maintain such lofty positions, especially 1AW, since it looks like she's had next to no activity since May.

Odd thing is that when I took a month off a while ago, I dropped from the low 60's to the low 70's. As I posted more and more, I was carefully monitoring my position. When I hit 70, I anticipated that I would next move to 69, but the TR PTB must realize the purity in my heart, because that same day I jumped to #68.

And since we're talking about TR rankings and people, does anyone have info on two of my favorites? Stargazerr and jck have completely dropped out of sight on the site depsite my citing them as Contacts. It sucks to lose track of folks in this forum. You never know if they just got bored, if they had all their typing fingers severed in a sawmill accident, if they were hit by a bus, or if their moms finally caught them.

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keeping tabs

by jdclyde In reply to You a smaht man

I also noticed that dispite Julians huff and puff about moving on, had been posting last week. Too funny.

JCK, as he departed he had mentioned something about a medical condition, so I am not sure if that took him out or if he got tired of getting beat up on. He had gone into some of the political discussions where he could not logically talk his way out of a paperbag, and even the people that were pushing the same "side" of the discussion had no use for him. Between Absolutely and Max, jck got pummled. He should have stayed with the beer discussions.

Gazzer, I had been wondering that last week. I hope it doesn't have to do with family from that bombing recently in India. That is where she was orginially from, right?

1UNaw, your guess (while purer) is as good as mine on how she is still in the top 100, unless everyone below her have not been active in the discussions at all. It is summer, ya know. Could it be there are only 10 active members on TR? :0

But then again, the matrix for calculating top 100 is still pooched, as you still see people with NO activity in the top 10. Notice the number one and three. Yeah, they are top members. Right. Sure.

I have been more pre-occupied lately, and dropped down a few notches. Surely have not been as busy as the number one?

That list should be removed, as it just makes TR techs look stupid. Anyone that looks at the activity of the people on that list quickly see that it hasn't been worth a damn in a long time.

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