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Braver, jd...

by neilb@uk In reply to Edited out

and probably more stupid as well. I had to say something to counteract "Little Ms Stirrer". I don't know what came over me with THAT one.

It was going to be "Sh:t-Stirrer" but I wasn't sure if that particular word is used in your neck of the woods and means the same.

I could pay dearly for this though.

I'm trying bribery with food. That always works with me.

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Food works..

by maecuff In reply to Edited out

I can be bribed with the right food.

And yes, sh1t stirrer means the same here. Of course, I am assuming that your definition means goddess-like, charming, graceful, intelligent creature.

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I believe that Stargazrr has been taking a bit of a break

by Tig2 In reply to You a smaht man

Last I heard, she was pretty busy with work and holidays. Might try emailing her and getting her caught up. But you're right, been awhile since we've seen her.

Don't have any news on jck. May just be busy...

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SG is busy

by rob mekel In reply to I believe that Stargazrr ...

Their Scandinavian Companycounterparts have a month holiday. So the UK company can/has to/must stand in for them.

She is doing allright tho. (needless to say that is: not taking the extra load of work from their Scandinavian counterparts into account.)

Pheeeeewwww, it's up to 45 C (133 F) with van on highest stand. Will be calling it a day very very soon.
to come to think about it, it will be right now.


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Ahhhh, got here

by j.lupo In reply to Edited out

ok, Monday moaning is very appropriate.

Weekend starting with Friday:
Friday: emergency meeting called at 4pm Friday afternoon with "power" people on multiple projects affected by issues and lots of lack of communication. Didn't actually get home until after 8pm. That is when I got to walk and feed the puggies, play with them, and log on to TR (at least I think I did, but that might have been the work computer I logged in to, to do more work).

Saturday: Did my banking which was 3 weeks behind, paid bills, and all that fun stuff, then logged in to work for a few hours. Then picked up my mom because her apartment doesn't have good air conditioning and it was going to be HOT this weekend. So, she stayed with me with her dog and my dogs. Went back to work on Dissertation for a few hours, then went back to work on work stuff. Went to bed around 1am.

Sunday: Took Mom food shopping, cleaned house, bathed dogs, and logged in to work for the rest of the day. Took Mom back to her home around 6pm and then came home to continue working. Did some TR stuff last night, but worked until about 2am.

Monday: I was in work by 7am to continue and I am catching up on TR while running some tests in the background and scheduling meetings. Ugh. It never ends.

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I see

by jdclyde In reply to Ahhhh, got here

you got the link to work? Were you holding your head on a bit of an angle while you were clicking the link or what? :0 ;\

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Don't know - I am too tired to know anything today

by j.lupo In reply to I see

and I am going to be in meetings on and off from 10am till who knows when today. I use TR as my breathing space to relax so I can get more work done.

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by NickNielsen In reply to I see

Maybe she put her 3d glasses on by mistake? ;p

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Ok Nick - Tease me, we weren't even

by j.lupo In reply to Parallax?

introduced yet and you tease me? Fine, I said I was up for the hazing if it got me entrance into the club. I can take it, really I can.

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Running on empty

by NickNielsen In reply to Ok Nick - Tease me, we we ...

I was in the middle of my 8th consecutive Monday, running on three hours of sleep. It seemed like the thing to say (post?) at the time. Monday 9 in progress today.

I've noticed that nobody here actually means to offend, but I've also noticed that some people are just offensensitive.

Edit: sleplcehck

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