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education not required?!?!?!?!

By Jaqui ·
to have SENIOR positions in US Government, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY?!?!?!?
and THE WHITE HOUSE?!?!?!?

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by JamesRL In reply to Sure it Does & I was bein ...

I used to work at AECL. Which plant are you at?

I was under the impression that CSIS only went back 7 for Secret - that was pre- 9/11 though.

Mt boss had to have Top secret.

When we were designing systems to track plutonium, I could be involved up until a certain point, and then I had to absent myself, because plutonium is top secret versus enriched uranium is secret.


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Chalk River??

by dafe2 In reply to Nuclear

Were you at chalk river?

I work with Bruce, Hydro Quebec & PLGS mostly these days.

Yes, they increased (these) requirements after 9/11....and a lot of other things ;-).......I also understand from working directly with the CSIS guys that it also depends on what they're 'customer'
wants...........would you believe they recomend 10 years for a RELIABILITY check only?

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by JamesRL In reply to Nuclear

I worked out of the Mississauga office, but at one point the desktop support team at Chalk River reported to me, so I travelled up there alot.

I was laid off in 2002.


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telus is a good example

by Jaqui In reply to Incompetence maybe?

of how a company should do it.
a complete security check, criminal record check, everything done by them, before they will let you touch a single computer in the system.

to bad thier office / internet system is all windows.

yup, this telco uses windows for everything but the switching and routing.

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by dafe2 In reply to telus is a good example

Sounds like a fine tuned machine to me........even includes the finest OS available today to boot!! ;-)

It's true though, everybody should do these things
you just never know today.

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Telus is such a horrible example of a company it's not funny

by Oz_Media In reply to telus is a good example

Telus is by FAR the absolute worst Telco in Canada.

They have the most screwed up routines that it is scary. Being in telecom for quite a few years, I knew and worked with many people at Telus, still hang out with a few that I made friends with.

These guys are the absolute WORST example of how to run a business I have ever encountered. Many long term employees STILL think BCTel (a suposedly Candian company) took over EdTel and AGT in Alberta. Not realizing that once they lost ownersihp of a US company they were merged with Telus to avoid bankruptcy due to Bell. They STILL think and act like a monopoly, can't perform a business install without making the most ridiculous and costly mistakes (at the customers business losses of course), the marketing and sales staff have NO clue what they are talking about and have VERY little technical knowledge about the products, services and partners they work with.

I have been offered SEVERAL positions there over the years, with a grade 11 education and a criminal record. So much for heavy screening, they are simply too divided within themselves to possibly function right.

If it wasn't for US owned BC Tel having a monopoly for so many years, they would never have even got off the ground. They hardly service ANY major businesses in Vancouver, their equipment sales are down by leaps and bounds as businesses realize they are the most unreliable and untrustworty company in the game out west.

Telus is a good example of how NOT to run a business, the background checks and such are pure crap, I am a great example of how they are willing to hire on industry experience and not any qualifications, regardless of records.

Sorry, I assume you work for Telus so I don't mean to degrade your work but no business with any common sense is looking to them for new hardware or services.

That's why three interconnects I worked for pick up more and more Telus business every day, from customers BEGGING to never have to deal with them anymore.

I ran a crntrex program at a call center, after finding out that their digital sales reps were dropping the ball, losing deals that had already had contracts signed etc. We dropped them too.

One small issue was when i was visiting a friend who is an alliance partner representative, we needed a floorplan copied and I wasn't allowed to walk 6' to the copier to make a copy. It had to be sent downstairs, a UNION rep would then come up and make the copies as needed. Otherwise the union raises ****.

So a $20.00 hr employee that JUST MAKES PHOTO copies was needed, when either one of us could have done it in 1 minute, in th eSAME office we were in.

They are simply and industry joke I wouldn't know where to start listing their losses due to bad business practice and incompetency. THis rant doesn't even begin to itarate how they are despised by the province's business sector.

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Telus how you really feel

by dafe2 In reply to Telus is such a horrible ...

It's not healthy to hold stuff in. LOL

First I'm not defending Telus....I know nothing about them....Nor am I speaking about anything more than HR routines & screening here.

As far as the screening issue it's a tool like any other and the results need to be interpreted much like benchmarks in IT for example.

If you were fortunate ennough to be offered employment at Telus & they new about your history, it is possible that other things weighted in your favour and they were willing to overlook your past. (This is not uncommon) OR the offer was simply an offer to come talk and the formalities would follow (Even more common)

I'm sure a big outfit like Telus has an HR Dept that would SCREAM if someone didn't follow procedure. Industry Joke or not, people are teritorial!

Many people make offers of employment and then follow routine procedure once the offer is accepted. It's a rare event today that someone is offered a job & told to report on Monday Morning without following procedures or filling out all manner of forms not to mention the orientation.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Telus how you really feel

They know me VERY well, I sat in a board room with the CO's and chewed them out for running such a pathetic business, while my already pisse doff boss just grinned in the background, even though he could have lost his Telus Alliance over it. It turned out that they changed the Alliance Program and retrained staff to do their job as required.

I have since been offered work by C level employees that could would put me to work in a heartbeat, no resume needed. They actually see my hard-assed style as something they need in a pussified union workplace.

I have refused, even when out of work, over and over again. Last week when in Van I met with a client and the Telus Business manager was just leaving (without their business) and he again asked me to take over a territory of field reps, no go, I am just not interested. BCTel was bad enough, these guys are just a laughing stock. If it wasn't for a residential monopoly they would be pushing up the daisies.

As for reportng Monday Morning, that's how ALL of my work has been found. A first with digging and as the years passed I have become known by many and, not too sound TOO arrogant, I have been in demand for quite a few years now. It was hard work but it sure is a nice feeling when you get offered jobs without the process and get in ahead of overtrained College grads.

Are you watching the latest Apprecntice episodes?

Donald Trump is showing the world that high school educations are not such a bad thing afterall.

The latest series, although only just started, has College Grads vs High School grads. basedon combined income, the high school grads earn TRIPLE the salary of the College grads and so far won hte first challengs hands down. I am not saying they will win every challenge, but it was easily seen in the first challenge just WHO had the boook smarts and who had the proven ability.

The college grads spent time crunching numbers for a Burger King promotion! This is Burger King people!!! NO number crunching needed, it WORKS!!!
They missed the one thing that the HIgh School grads really focused on, point of sale. And that's where they lost, too good to work, an ability to delegate but not manage. Numbers, paperwork and education doesn't help you when it comes to reality, at least as proven in the first task anyhow.

As for Telus, they couldn't afford me anyway. I would want a small fortune to sign on with them, and even then I would want to use a different company name to ensure my success, TELUS isn't going to cut it. They are about as popular among people here as GWB is, if not less.

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Yeah your arrogant

by dafe2 In reply to Telus how you really feel

So what? Whatever pays the bills.....

I think I mentioned in my post that what your saying is being offered to you is done on occasion.

This usually happens if you have a relashionship in the right place so to speak.

As we all know (or should know) people & selling skills are a very valuable skill to have in todays IT world.

As for Donald Trump.....him & his show are right up there with Paris Hilton.......pretty sad world when those two are given TV shows. aarrrg

I did see the preview of the show you talked about....very interesting.....but no sale for this guy, I'd just as soon on him. :-)

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by Jaqui In reply to Telus is such a horrible ...

I never said telus was a good company, I only said thier policy of paying for the checks, and the comprehensiveness is good.

haven't all canadians heard about telus almost losing thir license due to lousy service?

using windows to run all aspects of the business not on a mainframe? get real, no responable telco would do that.

shaw cable is another example of how bad windows does with service networks. shaw can't even configure a dhcp server to refresh ip numbers right. ( move so their inet service goes through different center and you have to rebuilt the internet connection it can't release the ip data that they gave your system )

and nope, I'm independant don't work for telus.

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