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Does anyone know how to contact customer support? I can't seem to find a specific link t do just that. I accidentally deleted the email TechRepublic sent me with the link to download the PDF version of the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, by Keir Thomas. Please help! Thanks to anyone who may be able to help!

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frozen chicken, interrupted.

by seanferd In reply to In the olden days

Frozen chickens seem to be involved in various affairs far more often then their basic demography would account for.

I wonder if you could make an interrupter for a frozen chicken cannon. If it were a rapid-fire cannon, there may be too much interruption for continued powered flight. To the lab!

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I've read about that too.

by Ron K. In reply to In the olden days

The first forward mounted machine guns didn't fire through the prop every time. They reinforced the prop with metal where the bullets would hit to deflect them and hopefully keep from shooting off their own props, until someone invented the timed machine gun. <br>
I think that the original mounted machine guns, before forward facing prop guns, were mounted on the top wing and the second seater used it, again, trying not to shoot off the prop. That'd be one of those, 'Oh ****!' moments, for sure. "Way to go, Ace!"

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by Ron K. In reply to That is an interesting wa ...

I can see you get involved in 'Punkin' Chuckin'. I'd do it too if I had the funds. It'd scare the **** out of the coyotes across the way. I can't bring myself to shoot 'em but a good punkin' to the head could be cool. I'm just weird that way.

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I'll see if I can get pictures.

by Ron K. In reply to That is an interesting wa ...

They often have their hangar open. I'll make a special trip for the camera. <br>
I'm fairly certain they'll let me take pictures. That seems to be a friendly bunch in that whole little subdivision.<br>

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And you're....

by rogcoley In reply to A response to a post over ...

Good at it. I should know cuz I complain for entertainment myself!

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