Email Headers not Printing - Intermittently

By Almost a Guru ·

The problem we are having is one of our users (IT Manager) is having problems printing out the headers from his emails.

Most of the time they print fine, but the odd email just prints the body of the message without his Name at the top or the From, Sent, To, or Subject fields.

We have deleted his profile from the pc and repopulated it from the server, uninstalled Outlook 2K and installed both Outlook 2K2 & 2K3, swapped his pc and reimaged his entire system, fiddled with the mail format settings etc etc. nothing seems to have worked.

If anyone knows of a solution, this would be much appreciated.

Operating System: XP Pro 2002 SP2
Outlook 2000 SP3
Windows server 2003 Standard Edition

no special software

Thanks in advance


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Where can I download...

by JimboBrown In reply to MS Hotfix available

Just curious, where is the hotfix available? I'm experiencing the same problem with my computer.

- Jim

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Contact Microsoft

by robertp In reply to Where can I download...

Hi Jim.

Unfortunately you have to contact Microsoft direct. If you tell them about the knowledge base article then they should be able to help. They will send an email through with a link and a password (the password is only valid for a few days or so, otherwise i would have given you the link they sent me!). If you then follow the instructions to download the patch, double click on the zip file, enter the password and hey presto you have your patch file.

Any probs post back and i'll try and help further.


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thanks for the info

by Vicarious In reply to Contact Microsoft

We called MS and recieved out patch, installed it on one test machine for time being. Currently waiting response back from user...

Just got word back from user.. Hotfix works fine.

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workaround # XIV ...

by cmol In reply to Email Headers not Printin ...

Another way of getting the headers is of course to save the e-mail as an HTML file in a folder somewhere and print from there, but the "Select All" solution remains the quickest.

Thanks for that!

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