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email validation?

It occurs to me that the problem with TR and trolls could be wiped out if the submitted e-mail address was validated before access to posting is allowed.

I had a little investigation and noticed that you can create an account and start posting without any ?validation?. Now with 99% of other forums making you submit a valid e-mail address and then confirming by mail / link - should TR not do the same??

The current system seems lazy.

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Now we add a minor one off subscirption fee

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to email validation?

of $1 or 60p per account, paid by card!

What say ye then?

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Could work

by Tig2 In reply to Now we add a minor one of ...

But I doubt that the PTB would go for it. Mostly because accessibility is key for them.

There are just so many ways to spoof an alias. Fortunately, I should think that the Spud is running out of ways to play with mine. None too bright, that one. But it IS a bother- especially when you can't always see the alteration straight away.

Don't know what the answer is but am willing to do whatever it takes. I especially appreciate all of those who go out of their way to let me know that I'm being duplicated again.

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Just hang in there

by onbliss In reply to Could work

...maybe we should have a Minnesota Meet :-)

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Good Idea!

by Tig2 In reply to Just hang in there

I have been hesitant to say anything because of the recent outbreak in "duplicates". I read some of the stuff that Spud had to say and was rather appalled by it. Thankfully, much of it has been pulled.

A Minnesota Meet would be fun. We might even be able to attract some of the Michigan contingent- even Ohio. Unfortunately, if the recent weather reports are close to correct, it sounds like the snow will start falling any day now. Winter is NOT my favourite time of year!

Could be interesting to try to time something for the same time as the Brits are meeting. GG said something about trying to establish some connectivity with the US. Hmmm. I shall begin plotting now...

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Plotting :-)

by onbliss In reply to Good Idea!

...sounds good. A saw a Minneapolis member's post today. There are Minnesotans around here somewhere :-)

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There are a bunch of us

by Tig2 In reply to Plotting :-)

Grolan and Frylock are both in the Twin Cities as is Dayna.Thomas (I actually KNOW her- used to work with her) and more.

I would make a bet that we could find may more. I have just been reluctant to open a thread as the last one that was opened on this subject was by Spuddy in one or another uses of my ID. I thought I should likely give that a few days to die down.

There are a bunch of Midwesterners around here- and IL and KS are both within a reasonable driving distance. We may have an idea brewing here... :)

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by onbliss In reply to There are a bunch of us

Also mjd420nova is from MN but living in California...

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Rather appalled

by "___.__" In reply to Good Idea!

give me a break doll.

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hnnn, if only I had control of TR's firewall and forum blocks

by DanLM In reply to Rather appalled

think i would start with this person.

then i would report them for stalking and harassment, pressing charges of course.


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Shouldn't it be the

by onbliss In reply to Rather appalled
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