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email validation?

It occurs to me that the problem with TR and trolls could be wiped out if the submitted e-mail address was validated before access to posting is allowed.

I had a little investigation and noticed that you can create an account and start posting without any ?validation?. Now with 99% of other forums making you submit a valid e-mail address and then confirming by mail / link - should TR not do the same??

The current system seems lazy.

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I don't know onbliss, I have no idea what I was trying to say

by DanLM In reply to Shouldn't it be the

Some days, I think I should just stay home and stick to Diablo and not bother. Seems, I don't get any of my post's right.



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I don't know droolin

by Tig2 In reply to Shouldn't it be the

The way i read it, Onbliss was responding to Spud boy.

You're okay. You communicate just fine as I see it.

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Dan: You gotta become a Minnesotan :-)

by onbliss In reply to Shouldn't it be the

See Tigger understood me, correctly. I was responding to Mr.Spuddy; he was asking Tigger to give him a break. After all that he has been doing to Tigger, I thought the comment would have been appropriate from Tigger's mouth.

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As an admin on another forum

by Maevinn In reply to email validation?

Having active moderators is crucial. When the community KNOWS that there is a moderator around who can handle these types, they help ID them, and it happens pretty quickly. I was a moderator on a forum that had no active admin, and only a few active mods--it quickly deteriorated to the point that it was no fun for me to be there anymore. Now I'm an admin on a forum with 2 other active admins, and a slew of talented and active mods--very few problems. When something comes up, it's handled promptly and appropriately--if anything comes up that they can't handle, they notify the admin's and we step in. Having an active staff just for moderating will resolve most of the problems. And--mods don't have to be experts. Most of mine aren't. They are volunteers that help man the place, handle administrative tasks.

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