EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS Why does TechRepublic Spam, large amounts of unsolicit

By gaza ·
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Is TechRepublic spamming you too
TechRepublic is sending me emails all the time, are they spamming you too?

I have not asked for emails.
I have not ticked the box send me emails.
I do not want emails.

I tried to have this stop but they do not listen!

So now I have a team of people ready to teach TechRepublic a lesson.
TechRepublic, you are going down!

They have set them self?s up to ignore us so rather than email them I ask people to spam there forum through both the Discussion and Questions Section.

Don?t forget to include some good tags so others can find your comments and support you!


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by shasca In reply to EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS Why ...

I doubt that it is your attitude, Personality, irrational behavour, or hot headedness. Been nice chatting with ya.

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According to your...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS Why ...

own account - you have subscribed yourself to two TR newsletters - Daily Digest and News and Special Offers. The only way to get subscribed to either of these, is for you to sign yourself up - It is not done automatically.

I have at your request "unsubscribed" you from both of these.

You make mention you have tried to get these to stop - Using the unsubscribe link within the Newsletter itself? or by using the "My Newsletters" (in the upper hand right corner of this site).

As mentioned I did unsubscribe you from both the Newsletters you had subscribed to, however it normally can take up to 72 hrs for these to completely stop. If after that time you still receive them, I would need you to forward me the newsletter with Full Headers. You can forward them - Tammy DOT Cavadias AT cbs DOT com


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30 a day for 2 newsletters?

by seanferd In reply to According to your...

Either a problem with his email server, hyperbole, or hourly discussion alerts.

I've had TR hold alerts hostage for months on end, only to get a large and out of date alert dump at some point just to let me know what I'd missed. :^0 Never been spammed though.

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Unless you subscribe...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to 30 a day for 2 newsletter ...

to everything, none go out at 30 a day - I am subscribed to every single TR/ZDNet and BNet Newsletter - which allows me to see each of them as well as what was sent and when.

News and Special Offers though can have an average of 1-3 a day. Daily Digest is once a day.

-Tammy :-)

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I do not like them

by Kenone In reply to EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS Why ...

I would not like them in a box
I would not like them with a fox
I would not like them in a house
I would not like them with a mouse
I do not like them spam I am

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I am with you.

by tim.simms In reply to EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS Why ...

I have tried to unsuscribe but keep getting link broken errors. I do not believe this site is legitimate. It's the old bait and switch trick.

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If it's not legit - WTF are you posting for ??? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I am with you.

If it's 'not legitimate' no-one's gonna read what you type, are they?

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Techrepublic has become a malicious site

by phel21 In reply to EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS Why ...

Unsubscribe doesn't work. I've had to resort to setting up a filter to silently drop any message mentioning techrepublic in header or body. Problem solved. Just a pity they continue wasting bandwidth and CPU-cycles with their junk.

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