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Emery - grudgingly accepts plea bargain

By Oz_Media ·
Marc Emery has agreed to accept a plea bargain and remain in Canada to serve his 5 proposed 5 year term, as opposed to extradition to the US for a much longer term.

The catalyst for this choice was urging by his lawyer's that his partners would also not face extradition and life sentences for working in administrative roles at the Vancouver seed bank.

Despite Canada having no law against the sale of seed, his running a forthright and open business in Downtown Vancouver, paying $600,000 in above board taxes to the Canadian government. US and Canadian police raided his store and arrested him to await extradition to the US for selling seeds into the US.

Seeds are easily bought on line and shipped from countless sources around the world into the US daily. However they have to make an example of someone, so why not Vancouver's Prince of Pot.

Knowing their actions would hardly impede him, they arrested his two partners and THAT was the straw that broke the camel's back.

the extradition issue really crystallized conservative Canadians who don't care about marijuana legalization per se but grabbed a hold of the flagrant breach of sovereignty which occurred when the DEA-led campaign arrested Marc, followed by the extradition attempts. Trying to take a Canadian to be tried in the US on US charges!?!?! Asinine indeed and most of Canada agreed.



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Because he knowingly continued to break the law

by JamesRL In reply to regardless

We extradite to the US and they to us under treaties that have existed for a long time. Conrad Black would have been extradited if he failed to go to the US voluntarily. Emery continued to ship to the US long after he knew from lawyers and others that he could and would be charged if he continued.

Canada does have conditions. Usually people who are extradited are given a hearing to ensure there is a valid case against them. Canada will not extradite a person if they are going to face a death sentence, although there is a case now where a Canadian is facing the death penalty in the US and the Canadian gov't won't intervene(he clearly killed someone in cold blood).

Marc is getting heavy handed treatment because he thumbed his nose at the US government for over a decade. Perhaps if he had stopped selling to the US, there would have been less agressive pursuit of him.


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He's been a singled focus for what reason?

by Oz_Media In reply to Because he knowingly cont ...

I can go to the corner store, buy a copy of High Times or just pop online and order seeds from dozens of places all over the world and have them shipped into the US at will.

Google search phrase- cannabis seed ordering
Returned hits: 14,600,000

Hemp depot -(From Eastern Canada):
"Fast mail (USA only) $15.00 (5 to 7 business days)"

Rhino Seeds UK - US delivery
Guaranteed Delivery (5/6 Days Approx) ?8.50

BC SEEDS. World's Strongest Marijuana Seeds from BC. (unrelated to Emery)
US delivery via self addressed stamped enevelope. is affiliated with "Order now and receive 20 free marijuana seeds with
every order"
FAQ's:Do you ship world wide ?
YES ! It is impossible for us to check all laws in every country, so our advice is to check your local laws about receiving cannabis seeds.

Many offer actual marijuans ordering too, not just seeds. I am sure there is a far greater risk of a quarter ounce of high grade bud being caught entering the US than a package of seeds in a brown envelope though, but you can still order it.

I haven't noticed a rash of global crackdowns recently due to the War On Drugs.

Just on a Canadian activist that has also financially supported politicians and pays taxes, making his business above board.

Why are they not extraditing people from Amsterdam or other Canadian locations that offer similar products from massive (much larger that BC's Seed Bank or Cannabis Cafe) bulk warehousing and production facilities?

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Using your own provided link

by puppybreath In reply to Those are teh words of Ca ...

I found:

"Canadian police grew so frustrated that neither prosecutors nor the courts would lock up Emery and throw away the key, they urged their U.S. counterparts to do the dirty work."

That sounds more like the Canadians asking for help rather than the U.S. pushing their weight around.

Maybe YOU should get the story straight or check your links so they don't contradict your biased views.

It still boils down to you not accepting a decision made by your government. You criticize others in the U.S. for complaining about government policy and then do exactly the same thing when you disagree.

Pot, meet kettle.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Using your own provided l ...

That was a PO'd conclusion from their own website. Of course I saw it and understood it before posting it. Inlike many here I do actually read my links. As this is about the forth post I've made on this story over several years, including the rginal police raid, I think it's fair to say I understand how it was executed. However, this is the first time the Canadian forces have even been mentioned as having a motive, even judges and lawyers that have responded to questioning on this case in the past explain that their hands were tied as they were urged by teh US DEA.

"Court documents showed that four American navy undercover agents were used to try to buy marijuana and then smoke it at the Cannabis Cafe."

"In November 2002, then US Drug Czar John Walters visited Vancouver to give a speech at a luncheon sponsored by the Vancouver Board of Trade. Emery bought a table for himself and other local cannabis activists, and heckled Walters as he spoke about the need for Canada to embrace the "War on Drugs"

So the quiet, little old USA just sets their mind on their own business, not interested in Canadians until the Canadian government asks them to help? As if you are needed to help us enforce your own strict US laws that do not apply in Canada?

He was breaking any Canadian laws. Why would we need help? That's just the conjecture of a Vancouver Sun reporter. That same report also notes that: "Prosecutors in Canada have not enforced the law against selling pot" (They have actually, selling pot is a crime that is enforced constaltly with assigned squads, but not seeds). So the reporter again is a bit skewed in his 'facts'.

"Prosecutors in Canada have not enforced the law against selling pot "
They operate uncontested and they also ship to the US.

"Around the corner, you'll find more seed stores. You'll find the same shops in Toronto and in other major Canadian cities."

As you will in many countries worldwide that also ship to the US and Canada.

"The three were arrested in August 2005 at the request of the United States and charged even though none had ventured south of the border."

If you like, I can offer a different source to the same issue, I just went with that one as it has been kept up to date regarding his extradition, while the more common news found that it just isn't newsy enough for them.

You read it, however rather selectively.

Of course it is a joint operation (not pun intended) and it took Canadian authorities to raid his store. but to suggest it was due to Canadian police frustrations is just naive on the part of teh Sun's reporter. the US has been on this one for years, and Canadian judge has never said no to an extradition, before. So obviously the Canadian court respects his rights to operate his business, as do the many politicians who have stood in his favour over the years.

This is a case of the US leaning on Canada for action. I understand they can, and it has been effective in the past for sovling murders and bringing people to justice on both sides of the border. This is just abusing that Canadian obligation though.

Are some of our own politicians responsible for cowtowing to the US? Yes, of course, and the DEA knew they would bend over upon request and took advantage of that. It was an action brought on by the US, not Canadian police.

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Sounds like....

by puppybreath In reply to LOL

your gripe should be with your own politicians, not the U.S.

"Are some of our own politicians responsible for cowtowing to the US? Yes, of course, and the DEA knew they would bend over upon request and took advantage of that."

If the DEA knew that their request would be honored, why wouldn't they ask? If it helps them prevent a "crime" based on current U.S. laws, aren't they being negligent if they don't use every legal means possible to do their job?

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It is

by Oz_Media In reply to Sounds like....

I already know Canada's polics are a corrupt bunch that is forced to act in the political favour of others. Thankfully Canadaian judges know too and they don't play eth same game.

But sovreignity can only cowtow when it is urged to do so, thus I also impart blame on the US. Instead of simply rading his office, finding shipping records and allowing him to face the normal course of action through our courts, they wanted to exatrdite him. They know very well that nothign would happen to him up here, so they detain his two partners who run the lecal storefront and magazine creation. They then tell him they will face up to a 25 year sentencde in US prison if he doesn't accept a plea bargain. He to 5 years in a Canadian prison, having to change his personal, moral and legal stand, due to thhreats placed on others, for his own actions.

It's just sly, skuzzy and underhanded all around.

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