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Employee Makes more than me

By mcdonjer ·
I manage a group of 10 people. Recently a new person was transferred to my group. In going over his file I noticed that he makes more than me.

I mentioned it to my boss and he said he would look into it.

Is this normal? SHould I insist that my salary be adjusted to be more that this new employee? How many other people have ever been in this situation?

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by binoy_hotmail In reply to Employee Makes more than ...

This raises an issue on lack of privacy. Should a boss see the subordinate's salary?

Salary of employees should be seen only by the Finance & Accounts section. For Appraisal purposes, the boss should be aware of only the hikes/cuts.

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Um no.....

by JamesRL In reply to Privacy

Managers get paid to manage, and one of the things they manage are budgets. The biggest item in any budget is the cost of labour. In order to appropriately manage the budget, the manager has to know the salaries. Does that mean that the manager expects more from people who are paid higher? Yes - and thats the way it should be.

I can't imagine a manager being able to run a department without knowing the salaries.


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What utter rubbish

by ElTel In reply to Privacy

How can a manager expect to hire and manage an employee without knowing his/her salary? How can a manager even interview an prospective employee without discussing salary expectations? This has nothing to do with privacy.

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