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Enron Founder Dead

By The Admiral ·
""Ken Lay passed away early this morning in Aspen," Lay family spokeswoman Kelly Kimberly said in a statement.

Lay, 64, was awaiting sentencing later this year and was expected to face decades in prison for his convictions in the Enron collapse.

Lay and former Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling were convicted of fraud and conspiracy for hiding the financial ruin at Enron, which tumbled into bankruptcy in December 2001. "

From Reuters.

My question is - should we care? We know and understand that Lay was the epitome of every single CEO out there who hides information pertaining their corporation, and his downfall, made public. But should we care that he died in his Vacation home? I mean after all, this dude filed for bankruptcy and kept most of his assets, then passed away.

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I thought the world smelled a little better today

by jmgarvin In reply to Enron Founder Dead

Ken Lay (and his cronies) bilked the consumer and their employees (who could not diversify easily) out of millions (if not billions).

I don't think many will cry over his death. I honestly could care less that he is dead. I think the other CEOs (MCI/Tycho/etc) should also be so lucky.

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by CuteElf In reply to Enron Founder Dead

In human years, he wasnt that old, to be honest.

I honestly believe that he will have to come back (as another human) and have the crappiest life, to even out all the misery that he and his company caused.

It does even out in the end, it's just the End is too far for most humans to see.

Let's just thank everything that he's gone now, and we can focus on better things in this world.


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Except he should have had to

by j.lupo In reply to Karma

live long enough to have everything taken to provide restitution to those he defrauded. Now that may not be possible.

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if he gets real payback via Karma...

by jck In reply to Karma

Ken Lay will come back and grow up to be a crack-addicted male prostitute living in a drughouse and having to earn ?5 a trick in the run-down streets of eastern Europe.

God forgive him...cause I sure won't.

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by jkaras In reply to Enron Founder Dead

That would suck if he faked his death. If I had ohh let say 40+ millions and about to go to the pokey for the rest of my life I would try just about anything. Family keeping quiet about the death huh? hmmmm...

I'm not saying he did, but if I were him, I would. What burns me is the family gets to reap the benefits of his horrific work. I think they should have to make restitution to those "bilked". I think they should get the snubbing that O.J. gets, spitting the their food, getting flipped off in traffic, and getting ripped off from any service to handle their estate. Is that a wrong attitude since they didnt do the deed, the father did? Maybe but they took the money and are going to live quite fatly knowing full well that people's lives were ruined. All I can hope for is a few gold diggers and poor money management to put them in the poor house.

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Sins of the Father...

by john In reply to hmmm...

It sounds like you think the sins of the father should be visited upon the sons. That is, you want to make others suffer for the actions of one bad man.

I think the best way would be to investigate where the money went and take it all back. If it went to real estate, take it. Bank accounts, freeze them. Food for the poor, well, I guess you can't take back everything.

Still, I don't believe people should suffer for something they didn't do.

I also believe people should not benefit from the ill-deeds of others.

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Following the money

by The Admiral In reply to Sins of the Father...

Following the money trail, if the money was acquired by fraud, then it is not the son's money to have. Now that he has passed, the civil portion will go on, but before his estate is settled, the civil portion has to be.

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by jkaras In reply to Sins of the Father...

like I said it's that juvinile justice that they shouldnt get to benefit from ill gotten gains. The money/land is untouchable and it set it up that way. That is why Florida is so popular with rich people, because your home is protected against bankrupcy since we are a retirement state.

I agree with you about the sins of the father, but we are talking about ill gotten money that they know the origin and circumstances of that money. If anyone tries to take it, they will fight for every last cent with the best lawyers. It's karma's turn to set things straight. I'm sure karma wont disappoint. Any takers on scenarios they want to share on their downfall?
It would be cool if the money became like some kind of Monkey's paw.
Personally I think he committed suicide rather than go to jail. I'm sure they paid off the coroner to save face. Let's face it that was record time for a report, rather than he died and results will follow from a coroner. It was like he was waiting in the wings for the so called heart attack during the holiday weekend. I hope a guard sells admission to a necrofiliac has a ball with him and somehow in the after life he feels it like the old joke that Sam Kennison used to do in his act.

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What goes around..comes around.

by Gilsbugs In reply to Enron Founder Dead

I recall seeing an interview with this elderly emron employee,she was weeping because as she said "I've lost everything". The heart breaker was when she said "I have to start all over again". Believe me, she was in her sixties. The dirty money is still there, but it's cursed....

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by onbliss In reply to Enron Founder Dead

I just heard it on the radio this morning and read some reports where it suggested that Lay was very open about his religious beliefs and he prayed etc., and then it makes me wonder on his actions. I am not naive enough to believe religious people do not commit crimes, I am just analyzing that piece of news and putting it into perspective on a white-collar crime.

My question is this, though the Jury found him guilty on counts of conspiracy and fraud, did he acknowledge or think that he had committed those crimes, or did he believe that he was just doing his job of running a company.

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