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Erection Day monday

By Jaqui ·
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to Erect the next Federal Government in Canada.

so lets review the options:
1) Conservatives - Government for big business
2) Liberals - Government for big business
3) New Democrat Party [ NDP ] - Government for Unions [ aka big business ]
4) Libertarian - civil law only government? sounds like anarchists really.
5) Communist Party of Canada - government for big government.
6) Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada - more government for big government.
7) Green Party - hippies taking over?

check who is running in your riding, I get to pick from 5 bad choices
numbers 4 and 6 no candidate for me.

The green Party's idea of sustainable technologies with incentive for using them, carbon tax credits type of incentives are definitely intriguing, but they lack something.

not going to really say much about the M-L and Commies, nothing much needed to be said.

The 3 main parties, all really boil down to big business, though the NDP tends to have a better track record of trying to do something for the people.

the 8th party, the one that shouldn't be in a FEDERAL election, the Block Quebecois - TREASON.
their mandate is the destruction of Canada as a nation. since they only ever put Candidates forward in Quebec, they should be banned from running in a Federal Election. a FEDERAL party needs to be represented in ALL electoral ridings, or it is NOT a federal party.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to I never

What a slogan: Vote Greens, Julian May doesn't speak French!

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she does

by Jaqui In reply to Ha!

just not fluently.
and in the last election was in an official all candidate nationally broadcast debate.
they run 2 of them, one in English, one in French.
a lack of fluency in the other "official" language would hurt her in all french speaking areas of Canada.
There is more than just Quebec, there are a few towns in each province that are french speaking primarily, and a significant portion of the maritime provinces on the atlantic coast are french speaking.

I love tweaking the quebec population, since they are insistent on being MORE french than those in France, and in ramming their own heritage down everyone else throats, often at the expense of the other people's heritages.

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by JamesRL In reply to I never

As someone who has counted thousands of ballots, I do see spoiled ballots as fullfilling the "none of the above" role. Some small number of ballots are accidentally spoiled, but most are deliberate.

I've met Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader. She needs to get a seat. her voice needs to be heard.

Did you hear about some of the NDP candidates in Quebec? There were some nominated where they didn't expect to get more than a handful of votes, who haven't campaigned at all. They were nominated so that the NDP could say they compete in every riding in the country. One of them works at a pub at my old university Carleton (which is in Ottawa, and hundreds of miles from the riding she is running in). She has a french last name, but doesn't speak french very well. One of the local radio stations tried to interview in french and they couldn't make it work. It could make for some very interesting new members if the NDP do as well in Quebec as it looks like. And it could be the end of the Bloc.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Actually

Wait, you wrote "spoiled ballots", not "soiled ballots"...

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Elizabeth May

by Jaqui In reply to Actually

got elected.
so the Green Party has at least 1 seat.

but since she was running for the home of the remnant hippies it's not a big surprise.

The Gulf Islands has always been a strong green movement socially, they really started the environmental awareness that is so strong in most of B.C.

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She beat a Conservative Cabinet Minister

by JamesRL In reply to Elizabeth May

So she did pretty well. I think the decision to concentrate on her seat instead of touring the country paid off. She had a huge army of volunteers.

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So, how was it?

by seanferd In reply to Erection Day monday

Was it filled with representational goodness?

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by JamesRL In reply to So, how was it?

The Conservatives won their first majority since they were trounced in 1993.

The NDP (Socialists) made a huge breakthrough in Quebec, where they went from one seat to sixty seven. They are for the first time in history, the official opposition. The Liberals, for the first time in history, are in third place, their leader will resign. The Bloc Quebecois went from 43 seats to 4.

So it is a massive change.

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Is there a maximum time they can stay in office?

by Slayer_ In reply to Historic

Without another election, I thought it was 5 or 6 years...

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When its a majority

by JamesRL In reply to Is there a maximum time t ...

The maximum is 5 years.

Realistically, they start looking at 3.5 years, to see whether condtions are right for an election at the 4 year mark. If things are looking good, they might have one at 4. If they aren't, they hold on till 5.

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