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Erection Day monday

By Jaqui ·
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to Erect the next Federal Government in Canada.

so lets review the options:
1) Conservatives - Government for big business
2) Liberals - Government for big business
3) New Democrat Party [ NDP ] - Government for Unions [ aka big business ]
4) Libertarian - civil law only government? sounds like anarchists really.
5) Communist Party of Canada - government for big government.
6) Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada - more government for big government.
7) Green Party - hippies taking over?

check who is running in your riding, I get to pick from 5 bad choices
numbers 4 and 6 no candidate for me.

The green Party's idea of sustainable technologies with incentive for using them, carbon tax credits type of incentives are definitely intriguing, but they lack something.

not going to really say much about the M-L and Commies, nothing much needed to be said.

The 3 main parties, all really boil down to big business, though the NDP tends to have a better track record of trying to do something for the people.

the 8th party, the one that shouldn't be in a FEDERAL election, the Block Quebecois - TREASON.
their mandate is the destruction of Canada as a nation. since they only ever put Candidates forward in Quebec, they should be banned from running in a Federal Election. a FEDERAL party needs to be represented in ALL electoral ridings, or it is NOT a federal party.

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by Jaqui In reply to Historic

radio newscast just announced 3 for the bloc.

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Unless something has changed

by JamesRL In reply to 4?

I watched the results for hours last night, and it was 3 at one point, when I went to bed it was 4.

Maybe there was some late recount, but most of the news sites show 4.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Historic

That's going to change the way the game is played for sure...

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I actually meant the process of voting, but

by seanferd In reply to Historic

ewwww, Harper.

Thanks for the rundown, though. I don't believe I've seen a good "big picture" assessment of the results like that. Gives me some perspective which was lacking in what I've read.

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Well the process in a federal election is easy.

by JamesRL In reply to I actually meant the proc ...

In a parliamentary system, we vote for a local rep. So one name on the ballot, along with the name of the party (or independant). Party with the most seats usually forms the government (special circumstances yadda yadda).

In a afootnote, remember the waitress who was running for the NDP in Quebec?
Turns out, she never went to the riding, never campaigned, no lawn signs. She won.

And now someone has come forward about her nomination papers. Part of the process is that you have to get 100 eligible voters to sign your papers before you become an "official" candidate and get your name on the ballot. Well turns out some of the names on her nomination papers didn't actually sign themselves and don't support the candidate. There may be a challenge.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Erection Day monday

You are seriously deprived.

Here in Au we have the Australian Sex Party.

Not really sure what they stand for but some of their candidates eh policies make them the only ones worth looking at.


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