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Error joining XP Pc to Windows 2003 Domain

By venkatm76 ·
I just finished instaling windows 2003 R2 Ent Server.
Followed with installed DNS and when proceeded to install Active directory during the last step it prompted with DNS error for dynamic updates though nonsecure dynamic updates were enabled.So allowed the wizard to correct the same.
Now I am not able to make a XP pc join to the windows 2003 domin.
I am getting the error either the PC is busy or not reachable.
I am able to ping the server from the XP pc,
I have give the same DNS address in XP pc as in server,
Did dcdiag /fix and it gave no error's to
I am stuck any help
Thanks in advance

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by venkatm76 In reply to Error joining XP Pc to Wi ...

As per your suggestion I went through the link and went about by giving the domain suffic in the pc when it is in workgroup and then tried connecting the same to domin, still the same failed
Next I added a DHCP on the same server which hosts the DNS and the active directory and made the client to be connected to release and get a new lease from the DHCP.
The same happend fine.
But now when I
"ping -a <server ip address>"
I get a differnt name like nag.local
No server of that name excists now, it is a old name I had given during my previous test installation and the server is formatted and the new installation sits on it
but I am able to ping the server.
Even if I give a wrong password during the domain change , what I get is unable to reach the server, what could be problem
The netsetup.log shows that the
How do I set the same?

more over you had commented that the PC account name should be
have to be

How do i rename the pc name as "." is not allowed
even I am not able to make a similar account
Do please help

I am adding the netsetup.log for the current date
07/14 14:02:59 NetpDoDomainJoin
07/14 14:02:59 NetpMachineValidToJoin: 'ENGINEERING'
07/14 14:02:59 NetpGetLsaPrimaryDomain: status: 0x0
07/14 14:02:59 NetpMachineValidToJoin: status: 0x0
07/14 14:02:59 NetpJoinDomain
07/14 14:02:59 Machine: ENGINEERING
07/14 14:02:59 Domain:
07/14 14:02:59 MachineAccountOU: (NULL)
07/14 14:02:59 Account:\administrator
07/14 14:02:59 Options: 0x27
07/14 14:02:59 OS Version: 5.1
07/14 14:02:59 Build number: 2600
07/14 14:02:59 ServicePack: Service Pack 2
07/14 14:02:59 NetpValidateName: checking to see if '' is valid as type 3 name
07/14 14:02:59 NetpCheckDomainNameIsValid [ Exists ] for '' returned 0x0
07/14 14:02:59 NetpValidateName: name '' is valid for type 3

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by CG IT In reply to Error joining XP Pc to Wi ...

ought to take a step back here. You don't need DHCP running to join a comp to a domain. It makes assigning IP addresses easier and providing workstations with resource IPs like DNS and routers but its not necessary.

if you can ping the DC then you've got connectivity to it [and this is with either DHCP enabled and authorized or a static scheme.

So, the problem is joining the domain and credentials to join.

if you open the control panel on the XP machine, and click on the system Icon, that opens up the system properties. click on the computer name tab. on the computer name properties sheet, you can either use the network Identification wizard OR use the change button to manually join the domain. If you use a non FQDN for your LAN, you must use that name to join NOT the FQDN. e.g. if you use a .local extension for your local network. you must provide administrative credentials or an account that has rights to join computers to the domain if that right has been delegated.

If all these attempts fail, you might try to add the compute to the computer OU in Active Directory Users and Computers. Sometimes if there is no computer listed in AD Computers OU for the computer to join, then AD will not allow the computer to join the domain. I've had that happen.

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by CG IT In reply to

I would first check your desktop IP using the ipconfig/all command. if you have an address from DHCP then it should show up and also DNS.

next I would ping the DC. If you can ping then you have connectivity to the DC.

I would run the Network Identification Wizard and try to join the domain that way [making sure that I'm using the correct domain name e.g using the .local extention if it's used on the LAN. If that doesn't work, I would try the change name method of joining the domain. If that doesn't work. Add the computer to the Active Directory USers and Computers computer OU. Then rerun the Network Identificaiton wizard and if that fails , the change name method of joining.

If all that fails, I would try changing the workgroup the XP machine belongs to. EG join a new workgroup reboot, then run the Network Identification Wizard and/or change name method of joining the domain.

If all that fails, then the problem is far more serious. AD is not recognizing the credentials to join the domain or the computer SID is not being processed correctly.

I would look up on Microsoft Help and Support site under W2003 server or XP for help on failed to join domain. There are many KB articles on problems seen in trying to join the domain.

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by CG IT In reply to

you might want to think about starting from scratch again with the W2003 server and use the wizards to configure it as a DC and with Active Directory.

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by apaiss In reply to Error joining XP Pc to Wi ...

Try to disable the 2003 firewall.
If it helps, enable netbios throgh the firewall.

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by venkatm76 In reply to Error joining XP Pc to Wi ...

No luck so far did all I could
Now I am doing a reinstallation, will come back once it's through or if fails

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by venkatm76 In reply to Error joining XP Pc to Wi ...

Good Morning
I completed the reinstallation of Active Directory,DNS,DHCP........
I even changed the domain to myname ""

I changed the workgroup of the XP professional to a new work-group
added a Computer in the active directory users/computers option

I gave DHCp to the XP pc, got itself assigned the IP address
When I give nslookup , it is great and fine, it is showing proper server name
when I give
nslookup is the server that houses the DNS/Active Directory)

I am able to ping the server
But When I give
ping -a
I am getting a different name, don't know why?

NOw When I try connecting the PC I am getting the error as Previously said
Unable to reach the domain controller.
I am going mad, Why is it not reachable.

Any idea's
please help

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by edmille3 In reply to Error joining XP Pc to Wi ...

When moving a machine from the domain to a workgroup or back again the GUID is unknown.
Thus being unable to manage the PC remotely.
How do you retrieve the proper GUID?.

But to join the domain try creating a bounce account. Rename the PC to "bounce" and join the domain. It will find the "Bounce" PC name already exists and then default to the original PC's name.

Make the "bounce" just plain vanillia: domain computer.

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