error while installing Adobe Acrobat

By JADavis9 ·
I just had to do major work on my WinXP tablet and I need to load my Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard.
I think while it is creating the Adobe PDF printer, it is erroring during install with Internal Error 2753. Dist_acrodist.exe and installation stops

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Tough luck.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to please don't post this cr ...
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You can ask for anything as sweetly as you'd like.

by Ron K. In reply to please don't post this cr ...

Getting it is another thing entirely. <br>
Funny that you mention spam. I've grown to think of you as THE QUESTIONS SPAMMER. Something new all of the time, you never mark replies as helpful, most of your bullcrap could be fixed by anyone who knows how to use Google and wants to fix their problems themselves instead of getting answers handed to them on a silver platter, which YOU apparently don't find to be helpful. <br>
Your title and biography don't impress me. Nothing about you impresses me. The Internet is the great equalizer. We're all the same online but for those dillweeds that go about dissing long-time members. <br>
Can people go off-topic wherever they want? **** yes. It happens all of the time. In fact I think that whenever you post some new question I'm going to reply with something from Nostradamus. What can you do about it? Nothing. <br>
You're nothing special, dood. Quite funny to watch you disintegrate though. <br>
"Sitting alone at night in secret study;
it is placed on the brass tripod.
A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and
makes successful that which should not be believed in vain."

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sorry if I have missed that ....

by JADavis9 In reply to Without my looking I want ...

I will try to be more attentive. I have so many issues that my head has been spinning. To get over one major problem, I had to reformat (re-image?) and load Office again and start all over. So I have been overwhelmed. But I really appreciate any suggestions and knowledge that everyone has shared with me! Thanks!

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What is this?

by santeewelding In reply to error while installing Ad ...

A tweet?

Have you become so blase with the help here that you no longer feel the need to formulate an actionable question?

The community needs to do that for you, too?

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you are an idiot

by JADavis9 In reply to What is this?
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seriously? nt

by PurpleSkys In reply to you are an idiot
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Get hold of an "uninstaller" software program and run it...

if you use a "uninstaller" software program then this will/could fix your problem outright.
Have a look at this Uninstaller:
Advanced Uninstaller PRO:

And another good thing about the Uninstaller is that if you have trouble deleting a program from from it you can use the force removal button of which will clear everything relating to the program from your computer and registry.
So give it a go.

Just to add a few more:

Hope all goes well. :)

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Thanks - good idea

by JADavis9 In reply to Get hold of an "uninstall ...

I had REVO Unintstaller Pro before my most recent batch of problems wiped out my Windows XP and I had to start over. I've had issues and I am still trying to fix things. I guess maybe I should have just bought a new pc? But I am stubborn, broke and was recently injured on a borrowed motocross bike and took a severe brain injury. Not my excuse - just my life story. I wonder if REVO Uninstaller would have been able to help me since I am starting fresh and nothing from the old Acrobat could still exist. Hmmmm

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I am giving up

by JADavis9 In reply to Thanks - good idea

Thanks for all of the help, but I am in over my head and I should probably just give up and use Reader to read PDFs and use my PDF Printer to create them.

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