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Ethics are getting in the way!

By Ed Woychowsky ·
Argh, my ethics got in the way again! Yesterday I was told to interview a guy; it was the friend that I put in contact with HR. I had to tell my manager that it was a conflict of interest because not only was he a friend, I stood to make some cash if he were hired. Bummer, it would have been easy and profitable to give my friend a glowing review.

There are times that having ethics are a real pain in the wallet!

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Sounds like a good case of CYA

by jdclyde In reply to Ethics are getting in the ...

If it got out later, so much for credibility.

Also, having a friend work for you is as good a way to destroy a friendship as being roommates.

Saved your future job and friendship.

On the other hand, it MIGHT have been handled as just informing them that you know this person, and so feel you know them well enough to make a good decision on if he is a good fit or not, providing you were honest with him and yourself about his qualifications.

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Were you getting cash both ways?

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Ethics are getting in the ...

Were you getting cash from your mate and the spotters fee from HR as well ??

THAT would be cool.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Were you getting cash bot ...

It would just be a finders fee of around $1000 US from HR. After taxes it would come to enough for several nights of take-out and some new DVDs.

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Are you sure about the money?

by DadsPad In reply to Ethics are getting in the ...

1st, you did the right thing, anytime there is a conflict of interest at work, it is good to declare it up front. I have seen too many cases where friends were hired and moral went very low as favoritsm was seen.

2nd an HR finder fee usually goes to the person that recomended the person for the job. Of course, the person must be hired.

Even after you told HR about the conflict, if you could, in clear conscience, recomend the person(s)would be good for the company, you could still do that. Places where I have worked an inside recomendation counted in the favor of a candidate. Especially when there was close competition beween candidates.

You can sleep well, and know you did you best you could for your friend. The best any friend can expect is to get and interview. After that the person is own his own.

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Ethics not for sale

by Mr Stumper In reply to Ethics are getting in the ...

I once worked for a company as a database administrator (that was my title, but it was pretty much everything from system administration to application development) that sold magazines through direct mail marketing. This company, still in existence although under ever changing names, sends out offers for magazine subscriptions that look like bills, many times actually using the logos of the magazines they sell until the magazine companies find out about it, bring forth a lawsuit to force them to stop. Since the ?offers? look like bills and are sent out every month, we had many customers, usually elderly, who had paid for literally 50 years worth of subscriptions.

At the time I went to work for this company it was post bust and needed a job, really any job. I had a bachelor?s degree and almost 10 years experience in IT. Someone else started the same day I did, a young woman, in her mid twenties, still lived with her parents, who had just completed her associates degree at the local community college and who had never worked in IT period, in fact her previous job was working as a type-setter for a small town newspaper.

While I was busy addressing serious issues within the network, ensuring database and data backups that previously were not happening (seriously, they weren?t being backed up), and setting up transactional replication, installing anti-virus, creating financial reports, etc, my co-worker was busy cruising the internet and literally spending hours IMing her friends and occasionally creating a ?button?, that performed simple select statements for the in-house Customer Service application that we inherited.

The major share holder of this company (really the owner, but due to lawsuits he kept his name out of almost all references to the company) was attracted to her, and soon made her responsible for handling the mailers. He would send her a list monthly for offers to be sent out, and her only responsibility was to de-duplicate names and addresses and tack on reference numbers. This is an easily automated process, and yet she saw fit not to automate it, always complaining about how ?difficult? it was and how much time it took her to perform this task. All the while still spending hour upon hour chatting with her friends, and at the same time reporting Customer Service personnel for doing the same thing. It was OK for her to chat all day long, but was completely wrong for others. God, the hypocrisy was amazing.

We had constant lawsuits against us and had to be depositioned, under oath, a couple of times. After the first one, she asked me ?What is perjury, I had to take an oath and they said it was under the threat of perjury, but I don?t know what that means?. I am serious, she did not know what perjury was.

From time to time, I would be asked to create fictitious invoices when the BBB or magazine publishers were performing an audit. I refused because I knew this was illegal. I was also asked to fib financial reports that were to be submitted to the SEC as they were attempting to go public, illegal as well, so of course I refused.

Guess who did not refuse these requests!

She soon became the IT manager, my boss which was laughable, and then became president of the company, all within a year and a half of employment.! Imagine, going from a type-setter to a president of a company making 120k within a year and a half!

This company is still being sued left and right, not only by magazine publisher?s but by various states regarding their deceptive business practices.

I could go on and on about all the things that happened with this company but I think I got my point across. I am free of this company now and could not be happier (bigger company, bigger budget, Blades, ESX servers?.ahhhh. I have learned that no amount of money is worth my own self respect.

Tracy, I know you come to this site and read the posts, and you can rationalize this all you want, but the truth is that you are not just the ?pond? you think you are. (yep, she thinks it?s ?pond? not ?pawn?). Guh!

How sad, really.

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Nope they aren't..

by Jaqui In reply to Ethics not for sale

since your ethics are one of two things only that you have bsolutely in your control.
[ your ethics and your honour ]
everything else can be taken by others, those two can only be ruined by your own actions.

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