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EU taking on M.S. ...

By Jaqui ·
yet anopther court order against MS from the EU courts.. this one because MS has not complied with one from March 2004.**0e

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"compares favourably to proprietary"???

by Jaqui In reply to The pain ends . . .

does not. Open source usually beats proprietary for stability and security.

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yes . . .

by apotheon In reply to The pain ends . . .

What do you think "compares favorably" means? If I meant it was the same, I'd have said "equivalently" or something like that, and if it was worse, I'd say "compares unfavorably".

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by mjwx In reply to The pain ends . . .

Alright Consultant, my personal bias against M$ aside my company produces a product which can only run on a windows server. At last count in Australia 30 ? 40% of the market is now using *nix servers. What would be nice (and I know this may be a little of topic) but if we could easily convert this software to a *nix system. We make GIS (enhanced and/or real-time mapping) software and we are losing government clients as they migrate to Linux. So these client are forced to maintain a Windows box (often outside their domain) or find another type of software. At present it is far to costly to re-write the entire program for *nix.

My point in short some kind of standardization is good for everyone (except possibly M$ and I do say possibly).

Now about M$, bugs, crashes, spy ware, viruses and the like aside, windows XP is easy to use and as a techie my clients (the staff of this company, fortunately half the company consist of programmers) need an easy to use OS.

As for Server 2003 it?s reasonably good. Stable enough do run a development box for 150 days straight and still going strong (PS I know Linux could do this for a while but better late than never).

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mjwx and Windows only apps

by jdclyde In reply to The pain ends . . .

You have seen first hand how it is bad business to IGNORE a part of your potental customer base.

We DO have a few Windows only apps we run, but they are on a Linux server that is running Samba, so they don't KNOW they aren't suppose to work.

Would a *nix solution have been better? Of course, but I was not involved in the software selection and it was in use on stand alone pc's for a while before they got the cute idea to network it and then it became my problem (according to my boss at least!).

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