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Ever been fired from a job?

By DMambo ·
I was thinking the other day about the 4 jobs I've had in my "professional" career; that is the jobs that I've held since striking out on my own 22 years ago. In three of these, I was evaluated highly and felt that I was doing excellent work.

However, in one placement, I lasted less that a year and left because I was fired. A quick background: in the job I left, the position I was in was required to rotate work shifts periodically, and I did not like the location. When my oldest kid was getting ready to hit school, I wanted to move to a better situation. I was in manufacturing management and took a job in as a Plant Manager in what was really a sweatshop.

Coming from a background of a dozen years working in a factory that made a high value consumer product with well-paid line workers to a sh!thole with a minimum-wage crew and a broken down infrastructure, I really wasn't prepared. I basically took the job because it was located in an area that I thought would be nice and it was the first offer I got. I think I also mis-read the owner's desires in a manager, and I'm not really a kick-*** type of guy.

Well, in the end, about 10-months into it, I was canned. It was a bad fit right from the start. Looking back, I realize that it was for the best. I was NOT happy there and the next job that I took, for my present employer, was what lead me to IT. Eight years later, I think it was the best move I could have made, but I will admit that good fortune and good timing played a large part in the whole story.

Anybody else out there been sacked for poor performance? How did it turn out in the long run? Did your situation help or hurt your career, financial or living situation?

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I was terminated for refusing to kiss the boss's ***

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Honesty time

and because I did not fit it with the culture of fingerpointing and stomping on immediate coworkers. Also, I protested the idea of ripping out their current stable network O/S, which was Novell Netware 6.x, and replacing it with Micro$$oft Winblows 2003 Server because the IT director was biased towards Novell and got all of his info from biased bullcrap articles in Gartner. Anyhow, after 4 years as a senior network engineer at a law firm and numerous poor performance reviews (they were playing the HR game to push me out), they finally gave me the boot in October of 2005. Nevertheless, I was bitter and angry at first, but I am back on my feet and working as an independent consultant. I'm not sure if I ever want to go back to being a full time employee at any firm because I don't repond well to corporate politics and the usual *** kissing B.S. that I have dealt with. Consulting gives me the opportunity to make good money in a short period of time without becoming a corporate slave for this company and being expected to work on holidays and weekends without pay.

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For tardiness

by rabear In reply to Ever been fired from a jo ...

...was late 3 times so my probation was ended in 5 months. But my coworkers had their time cards punched in by their 'helpful' mates, some were even allowed beyond 3 counts.

The real issue was I pointed out that the entire code was not following OOP; 2nd, I had uttered in front of the manager's favorite programmer that his coding was crap in my review.

But like you, I have rebounded in the next two jobs with 8 times higher in salary, benefits, recognition, respect and most of all, very flexible time. At present, I may not even come in at all and not be deducted.

And not management does not want me to leave and lots of people want me to work for them as consultant.

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Yes and no

by Raithlin In reply to Ever been fired from a jo ...

Yes, I was fired for poor performance. No, it hasn't hurt in the long run.

I had a support job with the promise of becoming a developer. I'd been given a small project to do in my own time, but my main purpose at the company was support - telephonic, remote and on-site. I found it too routine for me, and to make things worse one of our clients became a threat to my wife (not my fault, promise).

The combination of the two became too much for me, and I lost interest in the job. As a result I started doing private stuff during working hours using office computers, and my work generally went down. I was given a written warning for the performance, and when it was found out I was using company email, PCs and time to do something else, I was summarily dismissed with a month's salary.

What has it done for me? I did one more year as a support tech (within one building) before moving into a development position. I have not taken a support position since, and warn my employers ahead of time that I am not available to travel. All in all, I'm now doing what I wanted to do, and I'm enjoying it (and being paid for it).

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by AT Computers In reply to Ever been fired from a jo ...

I Worked 12 Years For This Company Based Out Of Reno, NV.. I Was The High Ranking With Seniority (Automated Systems Conveyor Technician). I Was Based In Plainfield, IN. & Indianapolis, IN., I Serviced Preventative Maintenance, Programming, Repair Of Conveyor Systems In 2.5 Million Sq. Feet Of Warehousing Conveyor Systems For 12 Years. My Income Was $16.60 Per Hour. On Call 24 Hours A Day And I Loved My Job! One Day About 3 Months Before I Was Laid Off, The Company Sent Me An Mexican/American Employee And Instructed Me To Train Him Everything I Knew. I Started Training In The Preventative Maintenance Field. About A Week Went By, I Heard From The Company Rumors That I Was On The Chopping Block For Layoff. So I Cut The Training Short For Job Security On My Part. For Three Months, My Foreign Tranee Only Recieved Preventative Maintenance (PM) Training Only. I Did Not Give Anymore Information To The Trainee In Fear Of Losing My Job (Job Security). Sure Enough! Three Months Later I Was Handed A Lay-Off Order And I Was Replaced By My Mexican/American Trainee Who Was Being Paid $8.00 Per Hour, Over Half Of My Income! I Was Laid-Off And Replaced By A Foreigner For Less $$Money$$. On The Day Of My Lay-Off, 72-Hours Following My Lay-off I Recieved Notice By Mail Of My Termination (FIRED)! So I Worked 12-Years Of Excellent Service, I Was Layed-Off For 72 Hours, Then I Was FIRED! Most Discusting Part Was I A AMERICAN BORN CITIZEN OF THE U.S. Was Replaced By A Job Stealing, Low Life, $8.00/Hr. MEXICAN BORN JOB STEALING SOB! This Company Was Cited And Fined By The INS 237 Fines In 2002, One Year After I Was Fired, For Hiring And Employing Illegal Aliens. You Want To Know What Happened About 1 Month After I Was Fired? I Recieved A Phone Call From Corporate SOB's, Asking Why I Didn't Train My Trainee Everything I Knew, I Said Job Security. The Companies Conveyor System Failed, Went Down And Stopped Production For One Week, Their Mexican Maintenance Man Couldn't Fix The Problem. The Company Called Me And Wanted Me To Fix Problem, Guess What! It's Your Problem, Not Mine, I Don't Work For You No More... They Kept Pestering Me To Fix It, I Gave In And Said $200.00 Service Charge And $60.00 Per Hour CASH! Up Front! They Refused, I Said Call Someone Else Then... You Call Me Back It Will Be More Charges. Sure Enough, Four Hours Later They Called And Asked Me Again, I Said $250 Service Charge And $80.00 Per Hour CASH! They Said They'd Call Me Back, They Had To Discus This Deal With Corporated Head Quarters In Reno, NV.. Corporate HQ Called, It Was The Owner, The Owner Of The Company Tried To Offer My Job Back To Me If I'd Fix The Problem. I Said No! But Said Go Ahead And Fix At My Rate, Well The Rate Changed Again, $300.00 Service Charge And $100.00 Per Hour CASH Up Front! Owner Said Ok! Owner Instructed The General Manager To Pay Me Cash Immediately Upon Arrival. After Walking Through The Conveyor System And Noticing Several Problems In Preventative Maintenance, I Charged Them $500.00 CASH For 1-Hour and 20 Mins. Of Work. While I Was There Three Mexican Kept Glued To Me Like Bugs! Trying To Figure Out What I Did To Fix Problem. One, The PLC Had To Be Reset, The Control Panel Had A Couple Of Contactors Tripped, And Had To Oil The Main Drive Chain On The Sorter. Made An Easy $500 Bucks. But, They Begged Me To Come Back, But I Refused!

LAYOFF - REPLACED - FIRED - And Begged By The Company OWNER!

The Company Laid-Off 72% Of It's American Worker's For Cheap Labored (Mexicans).

I Think, This Company Should Move Their Operations To Mexico And The Owner Should Forfeit His U.S. Citizenship!

I'm Currently CEO And Owner Of My Own Company In Repairing Commercial and Residential Networks And Computer Systems. I'm A Small Company, And Employ Hard Working American Citizens! I Hire Americans Only! If You Don't Speak English or Not An American Born Citizen, There's No Work Available In My Company!

I Came From Working A Great Job I Loved In Conveyor Systems, Owning My Own Home And A Good Life, Having Brand New Vehicles Every Three Years.

Then I Was Lay-Off, Replaced, Then Fired!

I Lost Everything! Lost The House, The Vehicles!

Currently! I Work Everyday, 7-Days A Week, I Rent An Apartment, I Own A 1976 Chevy P/U And A 1986 Ford Ranger. I Own And Run A Small Company Of Myself And 4-Employees. I Barely Get By....

In Other Words!

I Was Interviewed By A Company Who A Friend Asked Me To Come In, This Company Built And Installed Automated Systems Control Panels, Just Like The Ones I Used To Work With.
Only (2) Showed Up For The Interview For Control Panel Installation Technician. Myself And An 20 Year Old Kid Straight Out Of College.

During The Interview, We Were Shown Schematic Drawings Of Control Panels And Were Asked To Disyfer The Schematics.

One Week Past And I Recieved A Phone Call From This Control Panel Company And Was Told I Was OVER QUALIFIED For The Position. I Asked Why? They Said They Wanted To Hire Someone They Can Train In This Field. And? They Said I Knew More About Their System Than Their Own Trainer. So They Hired The Straight Out Of College Book Worm Over 12 Years Experience In This Field.

Later, I Found Out Through A My Friend In That Company, The College Kid Who Was Hired, Bears The Name Of A Mexican Family.

So, Thats My Story! American Jobs Are Going To Mexico!


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Poor typist and a racist

by kmwi In reply to LAYOFF - REPLACED - FIRED ...

I would have more sympathy for your story if it were not so evidently racist. We're all immigrants in this county you bozo - or maybe you forgot that. A worker who wants a piece of the good life isn't to be blaimed. If Canada was paying 4x your salary you'd move there too. Instead, get mad at those people who head our corporations who forget that labor is a companys most valuable resource, not it biggest expense.

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Speaker of Truth! Still a poor typist.

by Too Old For IT In reply to Poor typist and a racist

Sorry his not-PC speech offended you.

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Nothing offensive in the speech

by Navy Moose In reply to Speaker of Truth! Still ...

I had no problems at all with what was written. It wasn't PC, but I'm not PC either.

Someone I heard about worked for a major technology firm who was relocating their jobs to India. This person who to fly to India to teach her replacement how to do the job. I might have flown over, but would have taught them the wrong stuff. :-D

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Nothing offensive? Sure it was.

by kmwi In reply to Nothing offensive in the ...

Refering to someone as a "low-life", or an "S-O-B" is offensive to me and would earn you a punch in the bars in my neighborhood. It has nothing to do with being P.C. If you can't tell the difference between so called political-correctness and bigotry, then you've got some self-reflecting to do.

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Self reflecting? New-age PC clap-trap!!!

by Too Old For IT In reply to Nothing offensive? Sure i ...
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Still not offensive

by Navy Moose In reply to Nothing offensive? Sure i ...

Calling someone a low life or SOB is about an individual not a group. Thus, it is not racist.

Only the hypersensitive / easily offended would view it as racist. I have said before, and I will say again "You do not have the right not to be offended".

Navy Moose

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