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Every Bit is Sacred - sing me!

By CuteElf ·
ARTIST: Monty Python
TITLE: Every Bit Is Sacred
Lyrics and Chords

[Meaning of Life, the]

There are Nerds in the world, there are Techies
There are Admins and Gurus and then
There are those that follow Mainframing Unix, but
I've never been one of them

(A7) / D - - - / G A7 D - / E - A - / E7 - A - /

I'm a Network Admin
And have been since Thick net was born
And the one thing they say about Admins - is
They'll kill the guy who caused network storm.

/ A7 - D - / / E - A - / E7 - A - /

You don't have to be a Telco-er
You DO have to have a great brain
You don't have to have any social life -
You're Admin the moment Boss rang, because

{Refrain 1}
Every bit is sacred
Every bit is great
If a bit is wasted
Cisco?s quite irate

/ D A7 D D7 / G D E7 A7 / D D7 G Gm / D A7 D - /

{Refrain 1}

Let the heathen lose theirs
In the tangled 'Net
Admin shall make them pay for
Each IP that's a re-direct.

{Refrain 2}
Every bit is wanted
Every bit is good
Every bit is needed
In your FIOS-hood

Lowlevel Vendors
Spill theirs just anywhere
But the Admin loves those who treat their
Network with more care

{Refrain 1}

... / D E7 A7 - /

{Refrain 2}

Every bit is useful
Every bit is fine
Intarweb needs everybody's bits-
Mine, and mine, and mine

Let the Wireless spill theirs
O'er mountain, hill and plain
Admin shall strike them down for
Each bit that's traffic in vain

{Refrain 2}

{Refrain 1}

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That title...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Every Bit is Sacred - sin ...

is definitely an attention grabber.

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Really -- Honestly, you dont want me to

by w2ktechman In reply to Every Bit is Sacred - sin ...

people cringe when I am forced to sing Happy Birthday!

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Tag, you're it. <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Really -- Honestly, you d ...
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It?? What is "it"??? what have I become???

by w2ktechman In reply to Tag, you're it. <n ...

Oh, more Scummy I guess

I dont feel different -- however I wanna slap these people from the airlines on C-span.

I loved the lady who says "We should be commended for our ongoing test programs for security at airports". A few minutes later "we have not implemented any of these as of yet, they are still testing"

Why the F*** should they be commended if they have done nothing and are asking for more govt. money?

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I wanna slap quite a few more...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to It?? What is "it"??? wh ...

than just those. But I'm not big enough to get away with it for very long!

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Well, truth be told

by w2ktechman In reply to I wanna slap quite a few ...

if I had access to WMD's, these people would not be here now

of course, the total population of the world would be much lower too (probably in the range of 1/10,000,000 less or more).

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Is that all?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to It?? What is "it"??? wh ...

I'd like for them to explain their seat pricing system.

How can it be cheaper for my parents to connect from Wilmington NC through Charlotte NC going to Houston TX, than to fly to Houston originating from Charlotte on the same plane they would have connected with?

Wil - Cha - Hou - $220
Cha - Hou - $260

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And why is it

by jimmy-jam In reply to It?? What is "it"??? wh ...

I can have a 3 hour lay over and somehow they manage to still "delay" my bag and then it take 3 freakin days for them to get it back to me when it arrived at the airport 2 hours after I left and the aiport is only 20 minutes from where I live and then the courier has the nerve to get mad at me because I'm not home on a Monday afternoon when he delivered it after I was up till 1:30 AM the night before because they said they would deliver it and never showed up!!!

I hate flying. This is why if the trip is 12 hours or less I will always drive.

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You have it easy

by neilb@uk In reply to And why is it

We have just had a new terminal, Terminal Five opened at London Heathrow at a cost of ?4.3bn (yep, bn).

Almost 30,000 bags were lost in the first week because the baggage handlers weren't shown how to use the new system. AMore than 500 flights were cancelled by the end of the weekend, delaying more than 100,000 passengers in the same period.

This went on for several weeks. British Airways knew that they would only load around %10 of bags per flight but didn't tell passengers in case they cancelled.

It's all OK now but there are still mountains of lost bags.

Me? I'm going to fly from London Gatwick until service pack one comes out.

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Okay, I'll bite.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Every Bit is Sacred - sin ...

What do the lines like this one mean?

(A7) / D - - - / G A7 D - / E - A - / E7 - A - /

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