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Everybody's working for the Geekend

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Everybody knows the best IT work gets done when the "average user" isn't around to muck things up. In honor of those noble IT staffers who sacrifice their evenings and weekends to perform the high-level work that the "business side" would only manage into oblivion, we've created the GEEKEND HOMEPAGE, chock full of the Geekend items that the TR staff has managed to sneak by our own upper management.

If you love/hate/are painfully ambivalent about this little stunt, please let us know by posting to this discussion. If you don't teach us, we'll never learn.

Speaking of the Geekend, is there an article, download, or discussion thread from inside or outside TechRepublic that you'd like us to shine our secret spotlight upon? Just add it to your TR links and tag it: Geekend.

We?ll select the most intriguing elements from this list each week and feature them on the Geekend homepage (at least until the boss catches on).

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Education environment.

by haldouglas In reply to Everybody's working for t ...

I work in an education environment. Luckily we have more times during the year where there is noone using the network than a lot of businesses do. However, what I've found is that my employer was good enough to offer me time off in lieu of my overtime ours. Whether it be on the weekend or during the evening. They even offered time off including penalty rates! This means that I can confidently schedule work out-of-hours knowing that I'm going to get that time back! It really is a great help! :)

Not working in mainstream I.T. does have it's advantages after all (on the flipside, it pays poorly, and students can be a trial).

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Ban Geekend!!

by radcliff.owen In reply to Everybody's working for t ...

I just had the most fun at work for a long time reading GEEKEND! It's addictive. It's consuming my working hours. I'm losing control and reducing productive output. It must be banned before it's to late.
I've got to be strong ... and try to hang on ... or my mind may well snap ... and my life will be lived for the thrill ... It's beyond me! Help me mommy! God bless Lily St Cyr! And God bless GEEKEND!! (Apologies to Rocky Horror Show.)

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Dt6string is correct, shall we

by cschwamb In reply to Everybody's working for t ...

Tell the new hires just out of school busting the lower salary gap that they two will fail to be gainfully employed after 5 or 6 years due to jobs going overseas to even less qualified and still less rewarded with salaries that are below the poverty line for this country. As for the upper management, well they need there job as well, two bad they have to stab every single IT person they ever laid eyes on in the back to keep it. Lie to them about Job security and find ridiculous reasons for HR actions to trim budgets inline so the CEO can get a 5 million Dollar Bonus. Alas, this is moving on into engineering as well just this week Rockwell in Cleveland Ohio announced all, (that's correct) all of there engineering jobs are going overseas. Rockwell will soon announce it's intend to do the same in Milwaukee. Not to pounce on them two badly but most of these people got there engineer degree's thru the good fortune of working for the Bradley family. Who must be turning over at night sleepless still concerned about the welfare of those fine people they relied upon to build the company. Now after just 10 short years Rockwell can save about 40 cents an hour per man, so overseas it goes. All for the sake of a few extra cents per share per quarter to the stock holders. In closing let me say this, for the life of me I cannot find any corporate rights in the "bill of rights" only human rights. Just wait, till due, to terrorism or some other catastrophic event(s), the link off our shore is broken and these countries and people can no longer be heard from, nor our people or funds to their country as well. Just who will large corporations look to for assistance, and who do you think is going to work for them, after all this and even more, no retirement thru less pension with raising cost of after retirement health care and all the lies we have been told and then had to live with. You young ones think for your self will you, your only going to be employed as long as you do the job cheaper than the rest of the world, even if it means being on food stamps and welfare and state paid medical benefits for your children, you know, just like Wal-Mart employee's enjoy now!

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That is something that I've been saying for a very long time now

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dt6string is correct, sha ...

And it doesn't need to involve a terrorist act there are more than enough natural incidents to wreak havoc around the globe.

Just ask Fujitsu about their Thailand HDD plant after the Boxing day Tsunami. But I do understand that they did manage to get some unusual fish out of the plant once the waters had gone down. :^O


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by stargazerr In reply to Everybody's working for t ...

Ok it is a bit addictive...Causes me to be a bit less productive because I am so busy looking at pictures of Geeky Server rooms...

But then ... Thats also the good part...Its addictive ... Got loads of fun stuff....Brightens up my fridays specially

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Could it be returning to bite upper management?

by BlueKnight In reply to Everybody's working for t ...

The post by dt6string pretty much nailed it in his first two paragraphs.

Lord knows I've certainly put in my weekend time.. usually because it's much easire to concentrate and actually get things done without interruption. I've worked in both the private and public sectors. The education field was the easiest because we had no users to be concerned about during the summer months and during the school year, you could get a lot done after 4:40 PM.

So where is it going? Quite possibly in a huge circle, where, in the end, upper management will be bitten severely by IT... or maybe more appropriately, the lack of IT.

Top management, as dt6string said, sees "IT is a drain on the bottom line, rather than a complex set of talented individuals, tools and control/safety measures that increase efficiency and profits...." This is where IT has failed itself. IT management should long ago have taught upper management exactly whay IT should be the LAST place cuts are made, but they didn't. Consequently, we've been chipped away at for many years and more recently, the chipping has turned to hacking in the form of outsourcing and off-shoring. That means that those of us who are left must work harder to do more for the same salary.

This cycle alone has hurt IT because the old-timers are so busy they have no time to bring up the younger IT workers, and even if they did, on-the-job training doesn't happen because companies aren't willing to spend money on it. So now we have younger IT workers trying to solve problems that us old-timers solved many years ago.

Education has added to the problem as well because as corporate IT had been shipped off-shore and outsourced, schools have scaled back their IT curriculum leaving the corporate world short on good candidates for the IT department. This in turn feeds the outsourcing/off-shoring movements.

Corporate management needs to get educated about exactly what kind of an asset IT really can be for them. If they don't, this whole cycle can come full circle and they won't have a company to manage. Those who govern this country also need to wake up, smell the coffee and get educated about what they're doing to the country by allowing the continued off-shoring of businesses' manufacturing and IT. This country can't remain a super-power and be a consumer only nation. This will come back to bite them all. It all has to change, or we'll be revisiting 1929 all over again.

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It's a no-brainer

by kansaigirl In reply to Could it be returning to ...

If you saw your parents get laid off from good engineering jobs at Motorola, Lucent, Tellabs or good IT jobs at Whittman-Hart/March First, Divine, Accenture, and the many other companies that did not survive the dot-bomb, would you *want* to go into engineering or IT? Probably not...

No matter how much you like computers, networking, hardware, programming, and the like, corporate IT does not look like a good long-term career move when industry is clamoring for more H1-B visas ("prevailing wage" is a myth!), and the high availability/low cost of global telecommunications (especially w/VoIP) makes the timeshifting of work by offshoring that much easier. It's not just programming, help desk and similar IT matters; accounting, insurance, and legal work is being offshored, too. You're only safe if you can put your hands on it, I guess.

Outsourcing is not all bad. When an IT department is understaffed and it's all they can do to keep their heads above water, they can call in the hired guns to do the stuff they don't have time to do, the expertise to do, or the awareness that they need to know that it needs to be done. Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to look at a situation to figure out where a company needs to go. But my employer's whole pitch is to figure out what needs to be done and how much it will save $FIRM over $YEARS.

Don't get me wrong; my local community college offers Cisco Academy as well as MCSE, MCSD, et al. and encourages women to apply for these courses. But I have often thought about chucking IT all and studying for an PharmD...I have quite a few years left in the cube farms, and I see a lot more job security in the Rx market.

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by dt6string In reply to It's a no-brainer

It is probably a cycle that IT is seeing for the first time in its brief existence. Problem is that we can't forsee how long the cycle extends, how long till the next upward spike. Everything works in cycles, every industry, the economy as a whole, the weather and even people.

Still, not knowing how long this "cycle" will last, I would be tempted if just starting out to jump ship. I don't think we've seen the bottom yet.

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