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Evolution The Great Lie

By XEntity ·
Evolutionsist proclaim their good idea is science but in reality severely lacks credible strength on numerous serious scientific failures of the theory. While the logic 'sounds' good and the science 'feels' good, the theory falls drastically short of credible acceptance.

Originally, this good idea was formed over 140 years ago and has undergone severe scrutiny to the point that died hard Darwinist have had to modify their belief into new Darwinism. This lead to the creation of a highly sectarian group of Neo-Darwinist who are headed by Dr. Richard Dawkins. Dr Dawkins published his book, "The Blind WatchMaker" which has become a Bible of sorts to this emergent sect of radicalized atheist.

Some of the scientific failure of this Neo-Darwinist Sect include:

1. The natural occurrence of randomness, which Neo-Darwinism relies upon, does not exist in this natural universe. Scientists and mathematicians unilaterally agree that the universe is a perfectly ordered - indeterminant system which precludes any notion of randomness. Natural randomness cannot be mathematically modelled as the universe is perfectly ordered and randomness is counter to perfect order. So the root premise of Darwinism that biological life is the outcome of chance, random events cannot possibly exist. The Theory fails on its most basic premise.

2. Evolution Theory continues and states that during an alleged random chance event that the conditions were just right for a natural phenonmenon to 'cause' biological life to spark in existence. This apparently was a singularity as there is no durable scientific evidence of a life sparking natural process other than copulation. This fails fundamental scientific rigor that states natural principles, axioms, or processes are consistent, timeless, and ubiquitious throughout the universe. Once again Evolution Theory fails.

3. Once biological life emerged from some sort of protoplasmal premordial pool of goop, over time it 'evolved' into higher life forms and bifuricated into the modern animal kingdom. However, there is no scientific evidence of vertical transspecies evolutionary processes that would be expected to be ongoing. This again is apparently another singularity as this fails fundamental scientific rigor that states natural principles, axioms, or processes are consistent, timeless, and ubiquitious throughout the universe. Once again Evolution Theory fails.

Evolution has failed on three of its most essential postulations. This places all other notions in the Theory as a farce and senseless babble. Once again Evolution is not science and has no strength in science.

Unfortunately, radicalized sectarian elements of the evolutionary movement continue to insist that evolution is a truth. Their tactics range from projection, name calling, and organizing clever prejudicial arguments in support of this baseless theory. Their efforts continue to peddle this farce to innocent children not much different that Radicalized Muslims codify their youth in the Madrassah's.

Perhaps Pink Floyd was more honest than not with their song "Another Brick In The Wall"

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I know I will regret this

by Tig2 In reply to Evolution The Great Lie

I have said before and will say again- you believe what you believe and I will believe what I believe. I don't care if they are inclusive or exclusive beliefs. I don't really care WHAT you believe... but I will defend your right to believe it.

This topic has been done. To death. At the end of the day, what we know is that we don't know. We have theories. Some of the less fortunate MARRY their theories. This is not a good thing.

I have no problem with the concept that we emerged form some primordial soup. I don't buy it, but if you want to believe it, be my guest.

Global warming is a lot more fun. I learn things there.

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I Know it Has

by XEntity In reply to I know I will regret this

But there is a group in another thread that I am challenging. That thread was getting to long and would not load on my machine. Perhaps I'll start global Warming thread as I have watched "An Inconvenient Truth".

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What's inconvenient

by TonytheTiger In reply to I Know it Has

is for Mr. Gore to explain why, if he's so worried, he flies around the country using more fuel in a week than my SUV does in a year!

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by XEntity In reply to What's inconvenient

I saw that. I also noted that he became interested in Global Warming in 1959 but all his data for the most part was 2001 and later. Everything ended in 2005 which show normal cyclic trending. Except his projections made astronomical claims.

Another scare tactic roaming around out there is we are running out of land and there will be global starvation. That is the next big one.

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You left the other thread because your crap wouldn't fly there.

by deepsand In reply to I Know it Has

Stop making excuse for your own inadequacies.

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Eye Witness

by zoso967 In reply to You left the other thread ...

It's true! He ran like **** when he was challenged..

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And then, he changes his alias!

by deepsand In reply to Eye Witness

He seems to believe that no one will notice that all the aliases displayed on his prior posts will change to this new one.

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Primordial soup

by neilb@uk In reply to I know I will regret this

But if it were true, Tigger, in your case it would have been a rich, warming, winter soup with carrots and there would definitely have been croutons...


...and probably a little swirl of cream.

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I am cancelling my GQ subscription

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Evolution The Great Lie

... you were so much funnier in the good old days when you talked about your miserably failed love life.

Do you still do pictures of cute, famous chicks in bikinis?

But it is a new year, after all.

I'm betting total post count, ummm, 468 in two weeks from today. Anyone interested in an e-wager?

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I'll take your wager

by DMambo In reply to I am cancelling my GQ sub ...

I don't think that this thread will pass 300 in 2 weeks (say by 14-Feb-07 - Valentine's Day!!)

Loser has to use the avatar selected by the winner for a period of 2 weeks.

We on?

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