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i am trying to make a spreadsheet for my work (alltel) and what i need is to find/make a funtion to make someones job much easier.... when we pull spreadsheets it give us product description and doesnt display what the commission is for the product...figuring commission they manually have to enter the dolloar amount and move down till they are done for the whole month of sold products..many of these are very repeatative and time consuming. is there anyway i can do an "if" like function that when it says a certain product name...the amount of commision will be displayed in the next cell thus letting them auto sum the total without any chance for manual error?

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I would think...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to EXCEL HELP PLEASE

that you could either create a macro to equate an absolute relationship between a certain product and a certain monetary value, or write a VB script to accomplish the same thing. While I do not know how to do either, I have seen the end result of both, thus I assume it is possible.

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step by step

by Triathlete1981 In reply to EXCEL HELP PLEASE

no this isn't a step by step explanation, that's too exhausting. buy a book on excel. what i recommend is the microsoft series called step-by-step excel 2003 (that's yours, right?). it comes with a cd filled w/practice files. it's $25. read the chapter about creating formulas. yes, excel can do what you want.

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by champ5515 In reply to step by step

i can write the functions fine...but it returns TEXT values and not number value..which does not let me use the auto sum funtion to add them up, without converting them in a separte book...

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Text to number

by aaabbb In reply to well

multiply the result of the formula by 1

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Using Vlookup

by rajan.sowri In reply to well

Create a lookup table with the items and applicable discount at the bottom. Use Vlook function to bring in the values (in your case, discount applicable). =vlookup(b2,$A$52:$C$74,2,false).

You will never go wrong with the values.

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zombie alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to Using Vlookup

seriously dead post...over 3 1/2 yrs old

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