Excel: How can you restrain text from flowing into adjacent blank cells?

By tedski2000 ·
I use Excel to list my inventory for an online auction site. When you type in text that is longer than the width of the cell (say,cell B2), the text will spill over into the adjacent cell (B3) if it is blank. This makes it very difficult to tell at a glance if I have left cells blank that need to be filled in. I do not want to resort to "text wrap." Is there a way to restrain the text to its own cell?

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by dogknees In reply to Excel: How can you restra ...

Select the cell, go to Format Cells / Alignment and set the Horizontal to Left(Indent).


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by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Format

You do realize the age of this question? Unusual to see a long time
member awaken a zombie.
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Text spill over ... ON & OFF

by PiBel In reply to Excel: How can you restra ...

This extends the answer of TobiF

To prevent cell content from spilling over (ON)
Select all blank cells, make them referencing to a chosen cell
Enter a SPACE into the chosen cell (step by step below)

1- Choose a cell that you will never need on your sheet (e.g. A1)
2- Go to the chosen cell (A1) , hit SPACE and then ENTER
3- Select the area where you do not want the overlapping
4- Select "F5", "Special", "blank", hit Okay
5- With all blank cells selected, enter in the formula bar +$A$1 (absolute reference to the chosen cell), then hit Ctrl+ENTER to enter the formula in all selected cells at once).

To revert the previous action (OFF)
Select all referenced cells and Delete the reference in all of them (step by step below)

1-Select the chosen cell (in our case go with the cursor to A1)
2- Select "F5", "Special", "Dependents", hit Okay, hit Delete and you are back to the original worksheet.

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Hope you solved this by now - but if not.....

by Mac3lite In reply to Excel: How can you restra ...

To stop content from overlaying the blank cells to it's right, all you have to do is....

- Select the Cell that contains the content
- Right Click (Crtl-1) and select "Format Cells"
- Click on the "Alignment" tab
- Look in the Text Alignment area specifically at the Horizontal Drop Down Menu
- Under Horizontal you want to select "Fill" - Now click OK
- That's it... Problem Solved! -

*I'm currently using Excel:mac 2011 - but I'm pretty sure the "Fill" option has been available in most of the previous releases.
Good Day! :)

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