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Excel Password Remove

By sam.mereki ·
Hi Mates. There's this person who asks me if it is possible to remove the forgotten password off his locked excel (.xls) file. I try a program "Ultimate Zip Cracker" but it takes ages to process file and I finally give up and stopped it. Can anybody tell me a quicker way to reset or remove an Excel.xls file password?

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by Steffi28 In reply to Damn

Noooo, never meant THAT link although I do love that link

I meant the one that tells you all the smileys, ive forgotten most of them as some work with caps and some dont and I miss being able to do my favourite devil horns!!

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Hmm you wouldn't happen t ...

Steffi, the original question is 20 months old. Let it molder in peace.

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by Steffi28 In reply to Zombie

You know I cant do things like that!! And anyways I was hoping to get a reply so that I can flame the guy and b***h slap you

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remove word file password

by happymark88 In reply to Excel Password Remove

A) Open document > Select edit menu > choose select all > then choose copy from edit menu.
Open new document > edit menu> paste.
Select tools menu> choose options> window opens with options. Select form different tabs the edit tab> make sure that al desired boxes are selected.
Select save tab>choose and mark box>ask about properties
accept or Apply options and close.
Save new document different name. When saving it should ask if you want to save properties> choose not save. Maybe it asks if you want to modify properties> choose yes> select box archive amongst read only, hidden or archive.
If this does not work.

B)There are many 3rd party utilities which claim to reset forgotten word password:
The program that I recommend is the Excel Password Recovery 5.0 It recovers/removes the "Password to Open" and "Password to Edit" for you to view and edit the document freely.

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oh how I pity thee... {NT}

by .Martin. In reply to remove word file password
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Ah, but you left points on the field

by CharlieSpencer In reply to oh how I pity thee... {NT ...

You forgot to check his profile for previous posts. I picked up four points there.


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