Exchange 2003 and Office 2007 mapi32.dll issues

By optronix_quebec ·

My server has exchange 2003 installed but is also used as a workstation locally and through terminal services.

We also need to use the "send by e-mail" option in Adobe 8 to send PO's through e-mail to customers. This is an essential feature for us.

We used to have Office 2003 installed and I fixed this issue by replacing the mapi32.dll version in c:/windows/system32 by the windows version. That didn't seem to affect the stability of the system or exchange.

However, Office 2007 moved away from the standard mapi32.dll and if I try to copy over the mapi32.dll version from office 2003 in system32, outlook gives an error message and the file seems to get corrupted after each reboot.

I'd much rather simply place the mapi32.dll file in the office and adobe folder respectively and leave the exchange version in the system32 folder but that doesn't appear to work since adobe doesn,t seem to detect the file in its folder.

I know this issue was pretty widespread with outlook 2003 but all the ressources I can find speak about downgrades after the office 2007 trial and not about fixing this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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I think the reason everyone is going back to 2003

by OH Smeg In reply to Exchange 2003 and Office ...

Is because there currently isn't a fix available for 2007 for this problem.

Also as you constantly need to save to a different Format in 2007 so that you can Communicate Electronically with 2007 Files I don't as yet know of a single Business who has moved to 2007. After all having the inability to submit readable Quotes/Tenders and the like is fairly departmental to most business currently around.


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by optronix_quebec In reply to I think the reason everyo ...

Thanks for the info.

That's a major oversight from miscrosoft in my book. I'm guessing exchange 2007 and office 2007 don't get along any better on this issue either ?

That's too bad for office 2007. In our field, I was surprised to see many people migrating early on which prompted me to act quicker than I would have. We've been receiving docx and xlsx from an increasing number of customers since the last 2-3 months. And the reason we migrated after initial testing of office 2007 was for the organisational enhancements in outlook 2007. Even though the capabilities of 2007 and 2003 are basically the same, the rightmost pane with the calendar and tasks make it much more useable for mildly computer literate users which is most of my sales rep userbase!

This in turns means management can have access to their schedule in case a rep doesn't perform up to par so you know if one has been golfing or actually working. My boss was quite fond of the idea.

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I can understand why

by OH Smeg In reply to Re:

But you'll have to suggest that the Default output gets altered for at the very least any Tenders or the like that the business needs to submit Electronically. While it's a good idea to have the ability to track staff one decent lost sale will make it a moot point.

As for receiving the new M$ format you can install the converter from M$ on the older version of Office and read any output from 2007.

While it works if you do Government Work or the like you'll need to use the old formats as you can not tell a entity asking for Tenders how they will accept them. Well I suppose you can but I personally wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for a Winning Tender. Quite a lot of Legal places also will stick to the old format for a very long time to come as well.

But if you are not adversely impacted by the change and the possible inability of the older applications to read the output of the new documents it's not a problem.

Many years ago I was hit by a similar situation where I was ordered to upgrade a Mission Critical App and it used a different File Format. That was before NB's and the computers where very expensive so the boss took a decommissioned desktop home and was using that. Well he wasn't overly impressed when he was unable to open the new file format on his old application. But he got exactly what he wanted. :^0


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mapi32.dll invalid extended mapi library

by robert_stewart65 In reply to I think the reason everyo ...

After up grading Office 2003 to Office 2007 with the Exchange mangement tools installed, i was getting the "mapi32.dll invalid extended mapi library" when using the send to function in word. the fix is pretty easy. Close your Outlook, in the System 32 Directory run the Fixmapi.exe, then open Outlook and try the send too function in Word... this solution worked for me

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fixmapi won't run

by pctrain In reply to mapi32.dll invalid extend ...

I tried the solution to run fixmapi in the windows System 32 directory and the file would not open. Any suggestions or clues as to what is wrong? Sharon, Botswana

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Same/similar issue

by tango.terry38 In reply to Exchange 2003 and Office ...

WE have a similar issue,

I am running exchange 2003, and the users connect to it using terminal services.

when they try using the send via email in word 2007

"mapi32.dll is an invalid extended mapi library"

did somebody actually manage to solve this issue on word/office 2007 in exchange 2003 ?

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by marcandre198306 In reply to Same/similar issue

I had the same issue and I just ended up pasting the office 2003 mapi32.dll in the system32 folder.

It replaces the exchange dll and exchange system manager will give you an error each time you open it (as will outlook) but it's been working fine in the last year.

The only real drawback is that you have to have outlook closed before using the "send as attachment" function for it to work.

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