Exchange 2003 not working over VPN

By fritz ·

My client is using Server 2003 with Exchange 2003, LAN access to Exchange works fine. However when connected via VPN Exchange is unable to connect.

What can I do to fix this?

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work sok here!

by shady108 In reply to Exchange 2003 not working ...

we are doing the same mine works fine though :)

can you ping the exchange server from the vpn i.e externally by name??? if not does it work by IP?? may be a simple DNS issue

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work sok here!

by fritz In reply to work sok here!

He Shady

I thought that might be a problem, then I manually added the IP with server name to the lmhost and hosts file. So I can ping the sever by name or IP.
But I am starting to think it is a DNS issue...I need to do some research on re-setting up DNS.
If you have any site's or ideas please let me know.

Thanx :-)

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by shady108 In reply to work sok here!

are you also assigning the vpn users a new ip when they connect?


my network is setup like this




when users connect the vpn assigns them an ip such as this is what yours must also do, the ip must be completly different to whats on the network.

forwarding -

you also need to make sure the wan port they come in on is forwarding VPN traffic to the right place and on the correct subnet

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by shady108 In reply to :)

what hardware are you using? we have a netgear SSL-312 so all VPN traffic connects through https which was very easy to set up a forwarding rule for

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by fritz In reply to hardware

I'm using a cisco 800 series router doing the forwarding...not so easy but works well :-)

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by fritz In reply to :)

Hey Shady

I got them on a different IP address eg. (LAN) (RRAS VPN)

I never heard about different IP ranges, maybe I can give that a try and set it up in RRAS so when VPN clients come in they get a 192.168.2.* address and see if that works.

Yeah the port forwarding is working as when they VPN in it's the DC running server 2003, from there they connect to Exchange 2003.

Thanx again

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I had the same problem at one point

by Dumphrey In reply to :-)

with a user. I ha dno problems logging in to the vpn and checking my email with Outlook, but another member of our company kept getting errors. As it turns out, his router was giving out the same subnet info as our DHCP server. Example. We are on a 192.168.1.X/24 network at work, his home router was also using a 192.168.1.x/24 network. So his coumputer was trying to send traffic for the VPN out his NORMAL interface and not the VPN interface. The easiest solution was to change his router dhcp setup to a different network. Now he gets his email happy as a clam.
Another thing to check is if they have a firewall client on their local box, and when they connect to the vpn, are they getting the right dns info from the dhcp server?

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by shady108 In reply to Exchange 2003 not working ...,39024759,60258456p-39000358q,00.htm

take a look at that , you can setup Exchange RPC over https :)

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by fritz In reply to also.......

Hey Shady

Looks like DNS is the problem, I just tested it on a fresh install of XP through the VPN and I can't ping server name only IP now it's a long winded process to find the problem in DNS...

Thanx for you help!

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You may just need to add a line to your

by Dumphrey In reply to also.......

800 config to let the client know the ip address of the dns server. Optionaly, add the email server name/ip to the clients hosts file, that should work to give them email only.

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