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Exchange-How Much Space Per Mailbox Do You Provide?

By mandms7 ·
We are a smaller credit union with approximately 80 users. We run Exchange 2000 in a Windows 2000 environment. I get lots of users complaining that they don't have enough space in their mailbox. I've provided them instructions on how to archive, but most are simply too lazy to deal with it.

We allocated 200,000 KB (200 megs) for mailbox storage, and I'm wondering what you allocate per mailbox? Am I being too stingy?

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200 MB seems plenty generous

by RexWorld In reply to Exchange-How Much Space P ...

Here at CNET, when we were on the old version of Exchange they enforced a stingy 50 MB limit. We've upgraded to I believe Exchange 2003 and with the upgrade they upped the online storage to 150 MB. So your 200 MB seems like plenty.

It's all about the attachments--people send so many big PDF files or Excel spreadsheets as attachments instead of just pointing everyone to a dropbox on the network. I'd say that's where you can get a lot of breathing room--teach everyone how to use shared dropboxes on the network for sharing big files instead of sending them as attachments.

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60 Megs

by tsjohnson26 In reply to Exchange-How Much Space P ...

For my firm we give them 60Mb mailbox and a 2 gig limit on personal folders.
When I get a phone call, despite how many times you try to teach people, I tell them 1)empty deleted items, 2)either achive your sent items into their PF or delete them and 3)go through your inbox and weed through the emails in there.

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by kiran.maan In reply to Exchange-How Much Space P ...

Is that users are on MAPI ?
If Yes, can transfer it to POP3
If it is POP3, can make practice not to keep copy of email on server for more than 3 days.

You can play around easily.

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PST files

by MRTech40 In reply to Exchange-How Much Space P ...

I am sure users would like to keep many of those e-mails due to legal issues, I am also in finance. I use PST files for most users. PST files immediately download e-mails locally to the PC or anywhere else you want, perhaps a network drive. Note that PST files can be backed up if they are in use. Newer version of Outlook handle better the old space limitation of 2GB. If you send them to a network drive, you can back them up and scan for large sizes.

Many admins don't like this, but when you have large Organizations, having all the e-mails in the server can lead to corruption. I had to recover this twice and the best times I got was about 1 hour per GB.

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