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After a virus scan my computer wont load explorer.exe when i goto task manager and try to run it it says it cant be found, whats the best way to copy it back to the computer in question, winxp sp2, copy it from cd back to the system32 folder ?


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by shasca In reply to :(

Any possibility of booting to the OS Cd and doing a reinstal, or windows repair. It doesn't always remove all app settings.
You can keep trying to "bandaid the problem but looks like it deeprooted into the system. You will doubtfully ever have full confidence in it's integrity if you don't reimage, but it is definitely your call.

This sucks.

What spyware adaware anti v. programs have you run so far.

Spybot SD
AVG etc.
If those can't get it............

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System Restore

by arjaym In reply to OS CD

Try to use system restore. Find a restore point where you think the system is not yet infected, otherwise, a windows installation may require.

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If you can get it

by Jacky Howe In reply to explorer.exe

running well enough to load MBAM and run it you can replace the missing files by expanding them from an XP CD.

Expand d:\i386\explorer.ex_ c:\windows\explorer.exe

Are you sure that it's not RUNDLL32.EXE

Expand d:\i386\RUNDLL32.EX_ c:\windows\system32\RUNDLL32.EXE

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Re: infected files

by christianshiflet In reply to explorer.exe

Did you ever try running SFC? So long as you can get into the recovery console using the install CD you can run SFC from the command prompt. It checks all of your protected system files and replaces ones that are damaged, missing, or have been replaced.

Please let me know if this helps, it doesn't work, or you already took a different route. Thanks.

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Bite the bullet

by Dippncope In reply to Re: infected files

Its time for a rebuild.

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