external disk not found

By davidinmelbourne ·
I have an external USB disk which
1/ is detected by Device Manager and flagged as good and healthy (it appears in both disk drives and USB controllers)
2/ I get the familiar "bong" tone when I plug in the USB cable, but
3/ it is not picked up in Disk Management.

Originally, Disk Management found it OK but in my infinite wisdom I clicked on "do not asign a drive letter or path", and ever since then it doesn't show up in Disk Management, so I can't get at it to format it or partition it.
Can I get it back somehow to show up in Disk Management so that I can format it and partition it ?

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I am not sure if you have

by huoml In reply to It was OK before...

given up on trying to solve the problem, But, may be the following link might give you some other ideas.


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Looks interesting

by davidinmelbourne In reply to I am not sure if you have

Thanks Huoml
I have almost given up, I've even tried the disk on a difference computer, with the same invisible results so I think the disk must have been coincidentally physically damaged at the same time as I unassigned a drive letter/path.
But that link you gave me has some interesting stuff in it so I'll look around there before I finally chuck the disk in the garbage and get out my credit card for a new one.
Luckily I didn't have any unique information stored on it...

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Well in that case using a Live Linux

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Looks interesting

With that HDD mounted as the only one in a computer and see if something like Knoppix can see the drive?

It's possible that when you told the computer not to assign a Drive Letter or Path that this information was written to the HDD and that is why it is remaining invisible to Windows.

To check this you can download a copy of Knoppix STD from here and test the drive to see if Knoppix can see the drive and it's contents.

You could also try the Ultimate Boot CD available from the same site and see if you can test the drive with the drive testing tools on that. But I would first try Knoppix and see if you can see the drive and what it contains. If it is still invisible to Knoppix it's likely to be a dead drive but if you can see the drive with Knoppix running off the CD the drive is working and it's just invisible to Windows so if you where to format it with Knoppix you could retrieve the drive and latter using a wiping utility like Boot & Nuke wipe the drive and format it under Windows again so that you could use it again. Boot & Nuke is available for download here


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That's a good suggestion Col.

by huoml In reply to Well in that case using a ...

One of the links said look at REGEDIT at


I see, on my computer which has two internal HD, Two optical disks, about 11 DOSDEVICES and like 30 or so other entries under the above mentioned key.

May be digging deeper into what those entries mean may give some insight into why Windows won't see.


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