External Drive with same Win XP installed

By shounig ·
I would like to install the same version of Windows XP onto a newly bought external drive enclosed in a metal container.

Purchased an external H/D connecting via USB port, my PC has C: and two separate physical drives, as well as two LG DVD Drives. Hence my External drive has the H: letter, G: being my Magic ISo ghost drive.

My Question is, can I install same XP on my external Drive? you may ask why, I have issues with my sound card and the drive is too small for the programs I use, and few minor conflict issues, in my primary C: drive that is. My drive is full of backup stuff.

So I decided to install a clean version of my XP and install all the programs I need at my leasure onto my new bigger external drive, once finished I will swap the drives from external to my primary C: and continue my work uniterupted.

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Not really.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to External Drive with same ...

If you "install" XP on drive H and move it to C, XP will continue to look for itself on drive H which doesn't exist after the move. In addition, if you install it while it's IN drive H, the current installation on drive C will be ignored.

I'm sure there are some tools that can fix the mess you'll end up with, but you'll be far better off to just put the drive where you want it before installing XP and be done with it. Besides that, you'll have a far cleaner system and be much happier in the long run if you just bite the bullet and "Git 'er Done!".

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not really.........

Installing XP onto what is at present an external drive, then transferring said drive into the PC would, at the very least, open up a rather large can of unknown worms.

Install XP 'internally' - you can always salvage data from the removed drive later.

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A couple of thoughts

by Former Big Iron Guy In reply to External Drive with same ...

I have done this, but not in the native XP environment. I use Acronis True Image to upsize my XP and W2K Hard drives. I have been able to use it with USB drives if and only if the bios will boot to USB a connection. If not, I have put the new HD in the open case of the PC. You may have to get a power Y connector and maybe an IDE connector if the current one only has one connector. You can also get 2.5" adaptors for 3.5" cables. Acronis, (and several other similar tools) will allow you to create your backup on another drive and the install it to another one after swapping out.

You should also check out BartPE in several different configurations which might help out.
/s/ fbig

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Perhaps only mildly relevant...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to External Drive with same ...

I often install programs to my drive rather than my C: drive. C: and are separate internal hard drives. The reason I install programs to is that I am short of space on C: and long on space on . PC/OS doesn't care where programs are installed.

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