External monitor is primary and can't see laptop monitor.

By vs ·
A very frustrating problem has arisen for me. I am using a late model Samsung X50. I upgraded to Vista while it was plugged into an external monitor.
Now I don't seem to be able to use the laptop except via an external monitor. If I unplug everything and boot up the laptop by itself I just get a blank screen on the laptop. I can only see what's on it if I plug in an external monitor. It uses ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphics card.
How can I regain control and be able to use laptop screen again. I have mucked around with all the display setting for extended monitors etc.

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What has happened here is that your function keys

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Fn F4 has been tried

Have lost their Programing that comes with the previous OS. If you are unable to find Vista Drivers for this system from the maker your only alternative is to go back to the original OS and reset the Function Keys so you can switch between the internal & external monitors. This is OS dependant and when you loaded Vista you destroyed the software that allows you to switch monitors.

Without the M'Board drivers for Vista you will be stuck with the current setup and unable to change back to the NB monitor.

So if you read your Instruction manual and find the key/s necessary to push to switch between monitors and they don't work and you are unable to find any Vista Drivers for the M'Board your only option to get the NB's Monitor to work is to switch back to the original OS and then without the external Monitor installed apply Vista again. This time you'll most likely be stuck with being unable to switch from the NB monitor to an external monitor which is much better than you are currently in.

You'll have to forgive rickk as he doesn't understand basic hardware and seems to think that I'm attempting to bash everything M$ when I'm just pointing out the shortcomings of the hardware basics.


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Thank You

by vs In reply to What has happened here is ...

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain that.
Now the real challenge begins - getting hold of Vista drivers for my X50 laptop from Samsung.

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I don't know if this will work

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thank You

But you can try the Function Keys F3 or F7 as they may possibly be the correct keys to change the Monitor from External to internal.

They seem to be the most common ones on the NB's that I currently have here but your instruction book should be your first option to look at as that will have the right key or key combination for your NB. If you no longer have the Users Manual you can download a copy from here

Samsung doesn't offer any Vista drivers for this Model NB as supported here on their driver Web Site

So you may get the necessary drivers off the Windows Vista Community but if they don't have them available I think that you'll have to reload XP and then install Vista with out an external monitor connected. The same applies to Keyboards & mice as well. Just remember to save any of your work first to some backup media and remember that Kodak tells it's customers to only keep pictures on CD for about 3 years under ideal conditions as after that time the pictures degrade and become less and less viewable as time goes on. If you allow the CD and I suppose DVD Media in contact with direct sunlight or to get hot the life will be dramatically shortened.

The Windows Vista Community may have suitable drivers though they have recently changed the site around so you may have to hunt for drivers here

But if you know your exact Chip Set type it should be easier to find suitable drivers for Vista so the Samsung Drivers Centre may be more help that appears on the surface.



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same problem

by emesc In reply to External monitor is prima ...

did you managed to deal with the problem somehow? I have the same effect and cant find a way out. Please post the solution of this situation.
My pc is ASUS A6KM with nvidia GO7300 card
some more remarks:
when i enter the settings of screen there are 2 screens in there when i right click the secoind one and enable the attached mode (two different desktops, one with icon) then the notebook screen turns on and display 4 copies of regular desktop, it is described as many screens, and the second one is described as analog one
After most opf changes it just blinks and regular desktop is displayed on TV and it is identified as no.1 screen (normally with 4 desktops tv is identified as 2 and those desktops as 1), after enabling the attached in nvidia desktop I can change the display to clone, only one screen and set my notebook screen as default but after V and nvidia settings indicate only option of using analog screen, all opther options dissapear

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