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Facebook. Is it secure?

By Peconet Tietokoneet ·
To many this is a quick link to friends around the world, but are you at risk because of the lack of security that this site has NOT got built in.

Everyone goes on about spam emails, but we can block these out with some software or know-how. But it seems that on facebook your are putting your life in danger and not only that you are putting your kids in danger too (if you have any).
Some people on here are going to say "rubbish, you do not know what you are talking about". So to prove my point, here is a snippet from a newspaper

"Facebook Security. It has none".

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, doesn't care about our privacy.
A Facebook employee interviewed by The New York Times last week, when asked how his boss feels about privacy, responded: "He doesn't believe in it."
Zuckerberg believes privacy is no longer a social norm.
"People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people," he said. "That social norm is just something that has evolved over time."
But have we gone too far?

Not only is it incredibly egomaniacal to post photos into the ether of yourself skiing with friends (unless you are 12, in which case it becomes an ever murkier arena), it can also be dangerous.

I suppose that what I do as a columnist is to put my life on a page, but I still get a bit affronted when people I've never met profess to know me. I was recently the object of a stalker?s rather warped "admiration".

He would send me cards and flowers and letters too long to read. He knew my address, which puzzled me rather. He said we had known each other in a previous life, and that he was my "soulmate".

And then, on a Sunday morning, this man turned up at my house. I would have been less annoyed if I'd not been wearing pyjamas. He pushed his way into my kitchen; I called a friend, who rushed round. "Please leave!" she said, and then he got a bit nasty.
Finally, my stalker got into his car and left.

I know i will never join or go on this site.

If anyone thinks i have made this up. then please read more here.

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I'll give up Facebook when they pry my cold dead hand from around my mouse

by Ron K. In reply to Facebook. Is it secure?

Or until they charge me. One or the other.

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You need to get out more Ron...

You remind me of an X-file film where a man physically connects himself to the internet and all his thoughts and his soul go into the big wide web for all to see and hear, when his girlfriend finds out she does the same.
Very good film, but you need to get out more Ron.

A poem just for you Ron.

Leave me here
I want to stay
I don't want this awkwardness
This pain
Just leave me here

Face to face, I told you
I had to
I don't love you

An overflow of regret crushes me
I must go on.

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You don't know me and aren't qualified to say what I need.

by Ron K. In reply to You need to get out more ...

You've read barely a few paragraphs of my online life and believe you have some true insight into my offline behavior as well. <br>
Someone needs to explain to you the concept of a joke, too. Admittedly not my best joke but still... You've never heard the old saying about taking my gun when they pry my cold dead hands from around it? You must have.<br>
You're bugging the crap out of me with your stalking behavior PT. You're not quite right in the head, if I'm allowed the same leniency to judge you as you feel you have to judge me. If not, too bad. I'm making that judgment anyway.<br>
You remind me of a man who goes home from his boring 9 to 5 to a house having all of the windows covered with aluminum foil hoping that today won't be the day that the police knock on your door with a warrant to seize all of your computer equipment.<br>
Some of us, me included, are basically shut-ins for reasons that are none of your damn business. I'm retired on a relatively fixed income. My computer is my window on the world. <br>
I've seen your type before. Remember YOUR little breakdown, PT. Call it what you will but you had some sort of weird psychotic behavior when you 'left' TR. I'm no better but I for damn sure aren't any worse.<br>
I'm going to continue to be whoever and whatever I choose to be. The day I take advice from the likes of you on how to live my life will be a cold day in ****. <br>
Suck it, PT!

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Welcome to the real world Ron!!!

You have some weird sayings. But then again coming from you i am not at all surprised. Especially from a bloke (you) who said you do not care. "The pot calling the kettle black" comes to mind here.
Have a good weekend Ron.
Ohh, be careful on Facebook, you do not want your hand stuck to your mouse. :)

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You don't define the 'real' world for anyone but yourself.

by Ron K. In reply to Welcome to the real world ...

Weird to you may be perfectly 'normal' to someone else and I'll defy you to define 'normal' for everybody/anybody besides yourself. For me, you may have a inkling of an idea but I'll bet you're wide of the mark. So? <br>
Don't wish me a good weekend. I have other plans. :^0 (I thought it was funny.)<br>
I'm willing to have an uneasy state of detente between you and I but I'm not going to put up with a bunch of ****, as I conceive it to be, from anyone, in person or online, whether you like it or not. <br>
It's peace or detente, if you want it, because we could sit here and insult each other all day long. You probably dress funny and use weird fonts. See? All day, I'm telling you.<br>
Edit: One of the few things that I remember my 96 year old mother saying was a question she'd ask, "How boring would the world be if everyone was the same?" It'd be pretty damn boring. Each and everyone of us is ****** up in our own unique way. Some people are wonderful, some simply intolerable or just barely tolerable at times and some should be locked away forever or, sadly, put to death, my opinion.<br>
The 'civilized' population we walk amongst everyday is all too often less than civil. It seems to be the norm for some folks to kick others when they're down. We see that here. Some TR members are sleazeballs. <br>
I'm not, and for the moment, I'm going to assume that you're not either.<br>
If I have much more coffee this thing will go on forever. <br>

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Have another coffee Ron....

You deserve it, your fingers must be hot with all that input. I know mine would be. :)
Have a good weekend (what is left of it) and a good week.
As for going on forever, do not bet on it.

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I did use 'forever' didn't I?

by Ron K. In reply to Have another coffee Ron.. ...

I'm blaming the caffeine.

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Facebook is a good example

by Tink! In reply to Facebook. Is it secure?

of the ignorance of the general populace. Our society is losing all of its common sense!

I've been on Facebook for a little while now and I do see that people tend to put an awful lot of personal info on there. I think because they're posting from their own home or desk they get a false sense of security when posting online. They completely forget the true nature of "online". Posting online is like sending a postcard in the mail - it's open for everyone to see, no matter if you place a big "Private" stamp on it or not.

Though I would like to have a guarantee of privacy and security from Facebook and Twitter, I do not expect it because I don't pay for the services. Nor do I want to actually. If FB ever went to a pay service I'd be off.

As it is now, I'm on FB as an alias only the people I know in Real life, in person, know who I really am.

I make my kids do the same thing. They're on social sites under aliases and the parental units have free access to their accounts at any time without warning.

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Facebook changes privacy policy

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Facebook. Is it secure?

And about time too.
Thanks to the Canadians, Facebook is at last doing something right.

Read more here:

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