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False information on resume - ever do it?

By silvioandpauly ·
OK folks - still looking for a new job, and I was thinking about stretching the truth on the resume. Things like saying I have a degree (I don't) and certified training on the newer stuff. Look - I don't mean lying about things I don't know about, just the goofy details that get you past the screeners. I learned the new stuff on my own and I can hold my own against most techies....

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What's Wrong With Your Resume?

by AndrewBRMN In reply to False information on resu ...

Companies do not hire based on resumes. They use resumes to screen out apllicants that merit further evaluation, usually at an interview. If you are getting called in for interviews but not hired, your problem is not your resume, it is your interview skills.
If you are not getting interviews maybe the problem is not the content of your resume, but its presentation. As a reader of resumes, I found almost all of the "techie" resumes that cross my desk to be horribly written. They are filled with typos. They often have hand written updates. They don't highlight the applicants strengths. I have to struggle to find the information I am looking for. So when I do get a well written resume, it counts for a lot even if the applicant's history is less than optimum. And, as is mentioned in a previous post, a cover letter is important.
As a final caution, I relate this story. I interviewed an apllicant whose resume suggested he had a Master's degree. Since the degree came from my alma mater, that was the first thing I asked about. If he had not attended the University he claimed, I would have known and he would not have been hired. As it turned out, he had enrolled in the degree program but had not completed it. A more careful reading of his resume revealed that he never claimed he had earned the degree so he was not disqualified. Eventually we did hire this fellow, but for a different position than that for which he had applied.
Bottom line, the best resume is well written and accurate. It will allow hirers to fit you into the position they need you to fill.

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Tell a Lie, Go to Jail

by langekg In reply to False information on resu ...

In my state, State Employeese have been sucessfully prosecuted for misrepresenting their qualifications during their hiring, for the crime of uptaining state funds under false pretenses.

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What if..

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to Tell a Lie, Go to Jail

no excuse but if the person lied, but they were really good at the job better than qualified ones?

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I would reject a candidate

by gitmo In reply to False information on resu ...

who lied on his resume. Even if he were the best person for the job, that would disqualify him from current or future consideration.

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Don't even think about it

by brotherj In reply to False information on resu ...

Lying is lying.

Degree's and certifications are easy to check. I have my HR do that as a matter of course during the candidate's background check. If they come up with a candidate who lied in this area the candidate is immediately dropped from consideration, no further discussion.

If you need a degree or certs for the job you want get off your couch and invest the effort in the study. You say you hold your own...prove it!

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by a6t1 In reply to False information on resu ...

It is a huge problem to lie on resumes or even in an interview about college education, previous positions, etc. You will get caught and you will be fired. You can also be held for damages in some cases although thats rare. You'll certainly break bridges.
IT IS OK to position your qualifications cleverly BUT straightfoward style and openess, coupled with your self esteem and good track record WILL WORK WONDERS - DON'T DISCOUNT THAT. BUT don't lie.. Bill Clinton got away with it as well as slippery language, etc. - that doesn't work in people and/or business relationships. Keep it straight.

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Bite you on the Butt

by Devans00 In reply to False information on resu ...

Surely the high profile cases of Michael "Doin a Heckava Job Brownie" Brown at FEMA and countless sports coaches over the years has taught you that eventually, the truth does catch up to you. Your cover can be blown by something as innocent as a comment by someone who knew you in a former life to a rival who wants to get the goods on you. Do you really want to live your life looking over your shoulder?

It may be a lot of work, especially now that you are a fully grown adult with real life work experience and responsibilities, but you may want to bite the bullet and go to school to get the degree that's holding you back.

I appologize if I repeated what others have said, but 144 comments is a lot to sift through. ; ]

Good luck.

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by tecnopaul In reply to Bite you on the Butt

Again, resume forgery does catch up to you. But I doubt Michael Brown from FEMA will every be working at my level. Why? because he lied successfully until he got to the top.

Ever hear the phrase "Fake it till you make it"? Well, it seems to apply here. WHATEVER he does, WHEREVER he goes, "Head of FEMA" will always get better pay than my "Managed a shop of up to 30" individuals.

All on a resume falsified for ? how long?

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by the way

by ijusth In reply to False information on resu ...

I can also see from your follow up messages throughout this thread that the reason you think you can do this lying is because EVERYONE does it and that fault is always elsewhere. What does what ENRON or KENYA or CLINTON or anyplace else have to do with what is happening between you and your employer. You keep referring to dog-eat-dog. I guess that means the ends justifies the means. If your conscious says to you that it is ok I sure wouldn't want you as a fellow employee. You sir are morally bankrupt if that is your way of getting ahead.

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Don't Lie on your Resume

by beverlym16 In reply to False information on resu ...

Take it from someone who has manage employees for over 20 years. Don't lie on your resume because it will eventually catch up with you and it won't be pretty. I once hired someone who had lied on a resume and the person even had a great reference. When I hired this person, the person could not deliver the goods and it was very embarassing for me because this person was brought into at a higher level than the existing staff. I had to make the decision to let the person go because my credibility was on the line and it was not working out. I advise you to keep plugging along and the interviews will come if you are persistent in going for jobs you are truly qualified for...If you are terrific and sounds like you are, look for a job that will get you in the door and do it to the best of your ability. Put in the time and dedication to showboat your talents and you will get noticed. I moved up the ladder because I took on extra work and was able to impliment various process improvement efforts with hefty cost savings.

Good luck and stay true to yourself.

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