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False information on resume - ever do it?

By silvioandpauly ·
OK folks - still looking for a new job, and I was thinking about stretching the truth on the resume. Things like saying I have a degree (I don't) and certified training on the newer stuff. Look - I don't mean lying about things I don't know about, just the goofy details that get you past the screeners. I learned the new stuff on my own and I can hold my own against most techies....

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Dose, Gwee and Sequel?

by Snak In reply to Weeding out the embellish ...

This was interesting. The oft used 'word' for the GUI is goo-ey (which is horrid - please say Gee You Eye), but with an accent not quite like yours, could be heard as 'Gwee'. Another mis (yes mis)-pronunciation often used is 'Sequel' for SQL (Ess-Que-Ell). I was once told that it is correct to say Ess-Que-Ell and wrong to say 'Sequel' but that 'it is considered impolite to correct them' Now I know there are a lot of Microsoft Sycophants use this site and a lot of (all?) Microsoft SQLlers say 'Sequel'. I'm dreadfully sorry but (and I've been in this business for 25 years) say 'Sequel' and I cannot help but think you're ignorant - I KNOW this is wrong and I try hard 'cos I've met many competent 'Sequel' programmers - I even work with some but I would not refuse them a job based on that pronunciation - just as long as they realised they sound as daft as someone saying 'Neck' for NEC or 'Dee-ee-Cee' for DEC.

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Holy War Alert! Holy War Alert!

by robert In reply to Dose, Gwee and Sequel?
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SQL vs Sequel

I read somewhere, probably in a Microsoft document, that "sequel" was the correct pronunciation. Wikipedia says otherwise:

And there's this thread:

So I stand corrected, and will curb my tongue to saying "es cue ell" in the future.

Although my favorite is:

If we could all agree on this, then we can safely squirrel away all of our data.

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Ah! Vindicated.

by Snak In reply to SQL vs Sequel

Wow - followed your links Sterling, and other links from them. I can see this debate has been going on for some time. Love the Squirrel link (fishbowl) - most amusing.

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In my day

by JamesRL In reply to Ah! Vindicated.

The big debate was how to pronounce SCSI.

The first computer show on TV, was a PBS show called the computer chronicles, and once a year(in the 80s) they did a big Trivia contest, pitting the east coasters (IBM/Lotus) versus the west coasters (MS/Apple). One memorable one had Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on one side with Mitch Kapor (Lotus 1-2-3 author) on the other. One of the questions involved the pronouciation of SCSI - the answer was east coasters pronounced it (SeCSI/Sexy) while west coasters pronounced it (SCuSI/or Scuzzy).

And sequel that was an Indiana Jones or Star wars movie that came out after the first ones.


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So then, is it...

by noyoki In reply to Dose, Gwee and Sequel?

Lin-ux (sounds like it's spelled) or lye-nux (after Linus Torvalds)?

(I think Linus Torvalds actually said he didn't really care... But I wonder what the standard is.)

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by Snak In reply to So then, is it...

I also read somewhere that Lin-us Torvalds said he didn't care. Although, he said, it should be 'lynn-ux', he really didn't care what people called it, as long as they used it. Which is fair enough I suppose. But I use Lynn-ux just 'cos I like to be right )

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stretching the truth

by dobbinsm In reply to Stretching truth = lying

I agree. Stretching the truth is a lie and I garantee you it will catch up with you! Suppose you landed this great job on the premis that you know what you lied about on your resume and the employer asks for papers or some other proof, What are you going to do then?You are going to be standing red faced is what you are going to do! Not to mention that you have just showed that your charactor is not up to moral values. I have never lied on a resume and when I don't have the appropiate papers or school training I say so but I do stress the fact that I have had the hands on experiance. This has always been a great avenue because I have gotten jobs with my hands on training and my charactor hasn't been blimmished. Keep your charactor intact and tell the truth! You will feel better about yourself and they will think better of you for it.

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Stretching The Real Truth

by DanBl5 In reply to stretching the truth

I also agree that stretching the truth the way you put is a lie. Pretending to have a diploma that you don't it is a lie. But I think that most people just "enhance" their resume rather than lie. For example, a person that managed 5 others at the most, might say in the resume that he managed up to 10 people. Someone might have a real degree, for example NT Administrator, but he never worked as one. I myself used to work as a DBA for a number of years and I have all the diplomas to prove it, but the last time I worked as a DBA was 4 years ago. One might say that he was in charge of a budget of 2 millions when in fact he was only allowed to take decissions of up to 100K. And so on. I think that in most cases people refer to these kind of "true facts" and not to plain lies.

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Use Referals instead of imbellishments

by jon_baumgardner In reply to stretching the truth

If you really want to sell yourself read a book about marketing. Even the worst experience can be spun to sound great and in fact when you were having your worst job, you probably learned more than at your best one. I always try to leave a place with several friends who owe me a reference. If you help someone else, they will always help you.

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