Family memories vs Software?

By TobiF ·
What examples of family memories can you connect with what software?

I'll give you an example:
Trying to do something in MS Office2007 reminds of when my grandmother had visited us for a couple of days.

Everything was still there, in the kitchen, but every single item had moved to another drawer or cupboard. Some things might take a week to find.

So, what's your reflections on this?

(You guessed right: It's weekend in Dubai again. :) )

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Sounds like

by NexS In reply to I know what you mean :)

<i>"I broke my computer. Go back in time and stop me from breaking it. Now."</i>

I would steam.

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Not so bad

by TobiF In reply to Sounds like

No. It ain't that bad. My folks are nice people. He was just merely checking if it by chance was possible to hit a magic button to fix this.

Oh, and I don't steam, I prefer Finnish sauna. :)

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Diversion of terms

by NexS In reply to Not so bad

Works for you. But for me, it compounds.

There has to be a end resolution, in all things. I have a lot of trouble, with myself, when considering a workaround.

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by NexS In reply to Family memories vs Softwa ...

Yeah, oh yeah. The original, with the bloodied-up face on the bottom of the screen.

I'm illustrating my age here, but I remember my dad playing the game when I was young. I remember watching with my brother, I even remember the colour of walls in the room. Weird, considering my memory is particularly bad.

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Some memories etch their way into our eternal memory

by TobiF In reply to Wolfenstein

... and we may never forget them.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Family memories vs Softwa ...

Malware reminds of my Dad? :0

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