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Fastest ever Speeding Conviction in Britain - 172mph!!!

By OldER Mycroft ·
Just heard on the radio, some bloke has just been convicted of speeding on a dual carriageway in Oxfordshire, which has a speed limit of 70mph.

Two cops clocked this headcase with a radar gun from an overpass, travelling at what they thought was 170mph - later examination of the data showed the driver travelling at 172mph.

The prosecuting lawyer pointed out that the driver had been travelling fast enough for a Boeing 747 to achieve lift-off.

He denied having illegally taken a ?90,000 Porsche from his previous employers.

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It's here, Mycroft....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Fastest ever Speeding Con ...

and just look what he got. 10 weeks jail time. So he'll be out around middle of next week, with good behaviour knocked off etc., etc.,


Had to work for a car hire firm, though, didn't he?!


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I didn't post the punishment because I thought I'd mis-heard

by OldER Mycroft In reply to It's here, Mycroft....

So it was 10 weeks.


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by JamesRL In reply to I didn't post the punishm ...

I will readily admit I speed myself, and often. I also enjoy speed - love rollercoasters, downhill skiing etc.

But 172? Thats way dangerous. Most roads are designed with higher than posted limits in mind, but no public road is designed for 172 mph. The chances of accidents are high and at that speed have fatal consequences.


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Then you are JUST as bad in my book!

by Genera-nation In reply to Good!

I hate people who speed - they along with the drunk drivers are responsible for most RTA's!!!!!

Don't care 'how much just over' the limit they say they are!

But officer I ONLY had that one extra drink!
But Officer I was ONLY going 20 over the limit!

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Then I hate people like you

by JamesRL In reply to Then you are JUST as bad ...

You should know it isn't black and white.

The highways, at least in my jurisdiction are designed to be safe at much higher speeds than the limit (which was reduced when we went metric).

I generally go with the flow of traffic - which is over the speed limit. In my jurisdiction, doing the limit in the passing lane is consideredd impeding the flow of traffic and is a) often more dangerous than speeding and b) punishable by similar fines to speeding.

Where did you get your numbers on speeding or is that factopinionguess?

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says that Driver distractions are a factor in 8 out of 10 collisions, so if you drink coffee, smoke, talk to a passenger or use a cell phone while driving, I hate you.

I have no tolerance for drunk driving. I don't do it.

But there is a huge difference between what I do (10-15 miles per hour over the limit when the conditions are good) and racing, or doing 172 or driving drunk get the picture.

Is everything black and white in your world?


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James is right

by Pringles86 In reply to Then I hate people like y ...

Well said James. I agree with that post, and I am the same as you. Someone driving 65 in a 75 is quite dangerous, especially when going downhill with a group of Semis behind them.

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And off the top of my head

by JamesRL In reply to James is right

Weaving and tailgating are more dangerous than speeding. And what encourages some people to weave and/or tailgate? Slow drivers in passing lanes. Hence thats why in Ontario they have a blitz once a year to ticket left lane bandits.


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by Genera-nation In reply to James is right

That is NOT speeding!

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Nope. It's not

by NickNielsen In reply to James is right

It's called "obstructing traffic" and it's not only against the law, it's stupid.

Every one of the 50 states has some type of keep right law on the books ( Basically, both good sense and common courtesy should tell you to stay in the right lane unless you are passing somebody. Everybody slips, but I've seen nothing as irritating as the persistent left lane loser who moves to the left from the on-ramp and only moves to the right for the off-ramp.

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by Inkling In reply to Then I hate people like y ...

Lots of Genera-nation's posts tend to annoy me.

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