fastethernet 0/24 is down line protocol is down(notconnect)

By neelam.das ·

I have a cisco 2950 switch, with 48 port but some of the ports are not functioning properly. if i do a sh ip int brief its shows status down port is down. even if the port is connected to device or a pc. i have gone to that particular interface say fa0/24 it show fa0/24 is down line protocol is down(notconnected) though it is connected to a pc. if i unplug the cable and plug it to any working port it work. i did shutdown then no shut but the same thing.

another thing is that when i plug in the cable no light blinks. what i think is that the ports might be damaged or else what could be the reason pls help............


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Sounds like you need a new switch... :)

Get another switch and test it out.
Hope all goes well.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Mark it dead

by Needham3 In reply to fastethernet 0/24 is down ...

Put a RJ-45 crimped with no cable in the port and make a note its dead. Ports drop on our Cisco's from time to time. We dont bother replacing or sending them for repair till about ten die.

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fastethernet 0/24 is down line protocol is down(notconnect)

by mjhundraindra In reply to fastethernet 0/24 is down ...

so, even u type command no shut, it still down. no physical light show up on that port.

is it only one port?
how many ports does it happen to have the same problem?

for normal operation, if u set the ip address on the port int and then type in command no shut, then the light on that port should be on. This is normal. if both down like u said, it means layer 1 and layer 2 down. port is layer 1, line protocol is layer 2. normally, port should be up, line protocol will be down if u didn't type the command no shut.
but for what u said, in the case of the cable is good, may be the only problem is that port. check the pin inside the port. maybe it damage.

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