Faulty power button?

By kentontator ·
I have a PC that will not turn on. The motherboard shows it is getting power (via LED light) but when I click the power button nothing happens, no fans start up, no posting or anything. I have replaced the PSU still nothing. I unplugged and removed all unnecessary components and still get nothing.

the only thing I can think of is a bad power button, is this plausible? Or does anyone have anything else I could try.

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howd this problem start?

by Snuffy09 In reply to Faulty power button?

i assume something happened before the computer wouldnt start causing you to try and change the PSU.

Maybe the motherboard is toast?

make sure the ATX 20/24 and P4 power connections are both plugged in,
and double check pin configuration for power switch

do you have another case to install it in?
better yet if you had a junk case you could remove the power switch from.

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I am not sure..

by kentontator In reply to howd this problem start?

My dad was the one who tried the power supply thinking it was that...he doesn't know much about computers but the problem has always been the same.

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ok, that helps

by Snuffy09 In reply to I am not sure..

if you changed the PSU & still get nothing then could very well be a bad motherboard.

are there any dark looking or burnt capacitors on the motherboard?

how old is the mobo? and what brand was the computer? if it was dell or HP they typically have pretty good warranties (3-5 years) and will ship you out a replacement part pretty quickly - you can do an online chat with them

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Mobo looks healthy

by kentontator In reply to ok, that helps

All the capacitors from what I recall look alright, I will give them another glance when I get home from work. I believe the machine is a e-machine so I'm not to sure about the warranties on that.

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System Problems

by TheChas In reply to Faulty power button?

Based on the responses, it is very possible that there is a failure on the motherboard.

Often if the power supply does fail, it will damage the motherboard in ways that are not visible to the naked eye.

If the caps all look good with no bulging of any kind, the next thing to try is a full reset.

Reseat the CPU and RAM. Clear the CMOS. Then see if you can boot up.

If possible, try different RAM as that can also help.


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by kentontator In reply to Faulty power button?

Tried starting it with my flat head, no luck. Cleared the CMOS no luck, also tried both stick of ram 1 at a time, no luck. I am guessing the MOBO is trashed, thanks for the help and tips guys.

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thanks for the thumb

by Snuffy09 In reply to update

i think im the only one that suggested a bad motherboard

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my bad...

by kentontator In reply to thanks for the thumb

sorry i thought I got everyone!

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