Favorite programming language

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What's your favorite programming language and why?
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Favorite programming language

by arpitabiswas In reply to Favorite programming lang ...

Java, Python and Ruby on Rails. I work on these and they are my favourite.

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Favourite Language

by In reply to Favorite programming lang ...

Java and C are my favourite languages...

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by sarahill1919 In reply to Favorite programming lang ...

No one says golang :) that's my favorite one because it's high-performance and convenient

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Python is my favorite, here are some reason.

by sagarleo1 In reply to Favorite programming lang ...

Python has a philosophy that helps to write better for understanding code.

Language evolution planning using PEPs - you know what you get in a next few years.

Python has more compact and clean syntax that helps developers,

In Python the same things can be done the same way.

There is no matter what iterable things you using (list, tuple, string or something else) you always can access by index, get a slice, iterate over it or get the length the same way. No strlen()/count(), substr() and a lot of other functions.

More predictable and strict.
No 1 == "1" and other strange things like in PHP.

Python has more unified and powerful standard library. It has some problems, but python's included library much better than PHP's.

Python better working with exception. And trying to improve working with exceptions in future versions.

Better namespaces and importing.

Better OOP.
All the thing are objects (but with some limitations for int, float, etc.): types, functions, objects, modules.
All the objects can be introspected.
ABC, collections and other good batteries included.


Better support of functional programming style.

Better unicode support (much better in Py3k).

Syntax sugar for lists, dictionaries.

Interactive interpreter mode, and few different improved interactive mode implementations.

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by John Cater In reply to Favorite programming lang ...

the coding field is related to the interest of a person who is coding, so in general everyone looks for a ease, in programming also we need ease according to the requirement of the the project and language , like i am web developer, so i like to code in PHP, la-ravel, python.

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