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Favorite user stories for 2004

By zlitocook ·
We are about to close 2004 and I need to hear your best or worst user stories. These can be a great help when the job is getting the best of you. Just by reading about how some one ether made your day or just shut the IIS server down, can make others smile or just shake their heads and say I know the feeling. Just let me know the best or worst user and I will share mine too.

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Something I'd love to do

by Hardware Queen In reply to A great fundraiser idea!

Something I've heard of that's a huge hit is flinging stuff from a catapult for a fee. They say the old one-piece Macs are quite popular. I guess with lead and the EPA and all that, you can't get away with it anymore. But we techs can have our dreams!

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Trashing a Mainframe

by Tellangon In reply to I have a great

We did the "take a swing with a sledge" thing many years ago when we replaced an old Nixdorf mainframe with a rack of Sun Servers. Although there was a bit of a debate over which equipment should have been bashed, we had everyone vent their frustrations on the mainframe in the parking lot. It was a BIG hit with the team (pardon the pun).

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Here's hoping

by passer_chat In reply to Trashing a Mainframe

I live in breathless anticipation of the day we get to do that to the IBM blade servers.

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On the other hand

by johnm In reply to Army Reserve Story

I had the opposite problem in the Navy. The Intel center was upgrading from a word-processing system to a computer system with wordprocessing capabilities. The original system had a magnetic drum storage and the techs had managed to erase the timing tracks before they did the data tracks. You could never certify that the data had been really cleaned off. Regulations required that the equipment be sent out to be reused. When I demanded a storage/recycling site that was cleared for the highest level that might still be on the drum, I finally got approval for destroying the drum. The next Emergency Destruction training day it got about six thermite grenades and two types of thermite slabs, then was dumped into an oil drum with a load of paper and went through a complete burn cycle. It looked pretty well zeroized after that.

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More Military Destruction

by gwiggs In reply to On the other hand

We used to use 21 inch platters with our mainframes in the Air Force. Working in computer support, we were required to use a power sander to clean all 'silica' off of the platters, only when all the brown stuff was off. When the electric sander broke, we had to use a sanding block and do it manually.

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by owen In reply to Army Reserve Story

I got buddy an XP2600 chip. He had problems with the ZIF lever on his mobo. Took a SCREWdriver to it and scratched the mobo. My good friend Jeff offered to try and fix the mobo. While he's got the mobo on his worktable he cleans up his shop and takes buddy's case to the dump. So all buddy has left is the chip. That cost me money.

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Your good friend?

by AcesKaraoke In reply to dump

Your good friend Jeff that tried to fix the board didn't offer to replace the case he mistakenly took to the dump?

I'm sorry but, no matter what kind of disarray my workshop's ever been in, I've never accidentally thrown out a whole case, especially one that's not mine.

Seems a bit strange that your friend would pick that time to clean up his shop and suddenly forget what your friend's case looks like and to put said case in a safe area while working on the mobo.

I would be suspicious of my "good friend", or at least his intelligence.

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not speak too literally to users

by ydanieli In reply to Army Reserve Story

Giving remote phone support to a user I instructed him to type the following command: "COPYspace<FILE.DOC>SpaceTOspace<FILE.ORG>" and to press Enter in the end. The command failed. I asked the user to read the typing back to me and it sounded perfect.
Then I asked him to read the command I gave him, letter by letter. Sure enough... he typed in the space as the word "SPACE" and typed in the word "TO" as the number "2". Surprises surprises?.

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by jakepancake In reply to not speak too literally t ...

Same thing only it was "underscore". I couldn't figure it out until I had him repeat verbatim the line and he gets to the underscore symbol and says..."U.N.D.E.R...", I could have killed him.

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HD Destruction

by kjb15 In reply to Army Reserve Story

I like to shoot computer parts. I have a number of hard drives in my office that have been shot with .357, .44, .45, and 12 gauge slug. I also took home over christmas an old 286 we had buried in storage and gave it 5 rounds of 00 buck 12 guage. That was a blast

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