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Favorite user stories for 2004

By zlitocook ·
We are about to close 2004 and I need to hear your best or worst user stories. These can be a great help when the job is getting the best of you. Just by reading about how some one ether made your day or just shut the IIS server down, can make others smile or just shake their heads and say I know the feeling. Just let me know the best or worst user and I will share mine too.

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Spiders, too

by csclark In reply to Crazy but true

I was doing preventative maintenance on a computer lab that included opening the cases to remove the dust. Every single computer had spiders living in them - webs all over the inside. At least we knew there wouldn't be any other bugs inside them! However, webs do make good dust collecters...

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The Printer, the user...

by RVokes In reply to Favorite user stories for ...

My best user story of the year?? well, here goes.

Whilst on holiday this summer, sat on the beach, reading some IT manual, my mind totally elsewhere. Then THE phone call, the one we all hate...
user: Help (no hello)I've got a problem...
me: hi, what's the problem???
user: I can't print...I get a printer unavalible error.
me: ok, have you checked the printer is turned on...
user: I have got my assistant to check it and she says that it's on.
me: has it got paper??
user: she (the assistant) filled the paper tray
me: hmmmmm... thinking....
user: does it make any difference that I'm not at my desk
me: no, It shouldn't do, as the wifi works all over the office... you are in the office right??
user: no, I'm in the airport...
me: (duh! why didn't I ask before) ok, why not send the document to your assistant to print it for you...?
user: I haven't thought of that... thanks
me: ok, bye
moral of this story, when on vacation, always have your wits about you...
Happy 2005 to all

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Moral of the story

by Mr Wolf In reply to The Printer, the user...

I would have thought the moral of the story should have been either:

1 - don't take the support phone on holidays, or
2 - don't accept support calls when on holidays

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Who's the dummy?

by a_chief In reply to The Printer, the user...

You took support phone on your vacation??

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Not to mention...

by Jean-Luc Picard In reply to Who's the dummy?

...who reads IT Manuals when sitting on the beach??!?

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Havent you seen ....

by LrobertgG In reply to Not to mention...

the CDW commercial. They have everyone believing that all we do is read 600 page tech manuals in our spare time.

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Talk About Printer Problems

by philospher In reply to Who's the dummy?

I have one for the group discussion. Working in the technology department I recieved a call from a customer with a jammed printer. I proceded to check power connections, windows drivers, and conectivity problems. After troubleshooting for 10 minutes, she confessed that her hand was jammed in the mechcanism. I told her she needed to hang up with me and call **1.

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Outlook deleted items

by paul.osborne In reply to Favorite user stories for ...

Easy one this; One of the company Directors using his deleted items folder to keep emails he wanted to keep; funnily enough they were cleared out when he ran auto archive.
Not only this, but they also advised 4 employees to do the same.....

Also the logistics manager that dragged me into his office because his PC wouldnt boot. The monitor was turned off!

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by FresnoTech In reply to Outlook deleted items

I have had that happen any number of times.

I either get emailed or called with someone saying "Did you do something to my computer? It won't turn on." That almost always prompts me to say something along the lines of "Yes. I turned off your monitor. Turn it back on."

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by marcodesigns In reply to Monitor

Had a user come back from maternity leave, she called to say her computer wasn't coming on. Asked her if the light was on, on her monitor....after a long pause she asked "What is my monitor?" funny thing is she did the same thing after her 2nd maternity leave!

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