FBI/DOJ virus, now locks out safe mode as well. Any ideas for removal?

By Locrian_Lyric ·
The new version locks you out of windows safe mode with networking as well.

any ideas on how to block it long enough to run some removal programs to get it out, or some that I can boot into to get this darn thing off?

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Did this on the 15th

by Bruce Epper In reply to FBI/DOJ virus, now locks ...

A neighbor ended up getting this latest version & called me to deal with it. The Bitdefender Rescue CD should work as long as you have a video setup that uses a resolution greater than 800x600. If you don't, it will run through the entire detection process, but you will not be able to access the buttons at the bottom of the screen to remove them. I ended up using the Trinity Rescue Kit 3.4 and running the command-line version of Bitdefender from there. It found and removed the problem files. Malwarebyes with the then-latest definitions could not find it.

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This has worked for me everytime I tried it

by pentangelli In reply to FBI/DOJ virus, now locks ...

I tried just about every fix I could find after weeding through the pages and pages of supposed answers that said nothing except "I have this problem too did you figure it out yet" Well I got sick of it and figured it out myself. Heres the trick.
Download and burn (Borrow someone elses computer if you have to) a copy of hirens boot cd. Burn the iso to a cd. Once you have the CD put into your computer and boot from it. Choose "MINI XP mode" Allow it to boot to a desktop. Ignore the fact that tools like malwarebytes and other antispyware tools are there. Click on Setup network and allow the computer to do so. Launch the browser and google malwarebytes. Download it to the C: drive. (dont choose the default location for the download because obviously you cannot write files to a CD) Launch the program when done. Ignore the 2 or 3 error messages that pop up. Malwarebytes will launch and update itself. Run a full scan. This will delete the items that prevent your computer from being accessible in normal mode. When done remove the disk and boot into normal mode. From there run combofix and allow it to do its thing. IT will reboot your computer. AFter that run super antispyware and maybe norton power eraser (NPE). AFter this run your antivirus program to be super redundant. But you should be ok. Ive fixed probably like 25 computers with this variant in the past month. $$ For me, but my tip to you! Good luck!

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I had safe mode also blocked

by T9RKELL In reply to FBI/DOJ virus, now locks ...

I created a bootable USB drive with HitmanPro Kickstart and cleaned my PC

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Complete removal of FBI/DOJ virus

by henricharles In reply to FBI/DOJ virus, now locks ...

FBI/DOJ is actually not a virus, it is actually a kind of ransomware program. You can check it will be not detectable by your Antivirus program beacuase it is specifically designed by cyber criminals and hackers. so if you are unfected with then you install any Third party Antimalware program from another PC and then install it on your PC and Scan whole computer. It will 100% detect and remove all types of malware from your computer. It is free download you do not have to pay a single penny. To download <a href= ""> click here </a>

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