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Fed Up!

By Martin- ·
What can I do about working in a place with a poor IT manager/supervisor?

By ?working? I mean I do it all...ALL.

And by ?poor? I mean, incompetent.

And by ?incompetent? I mean, no knowledge of IT, no knowledge of management, and no desire to gain any, plus actually turning up to work is not only a financial burden to the company but a health hazard to me.

Yes, his mistakes have cost the company dollars, big dollars, and he?s hidden it well with lies and misinformation. The majority of the loss was time...something that an auditor can?t find on a financial database, and something Managment can easily be fooled by. At least ours can.

On a good side there is a new manager on the scene and he seems to be very switched on. I'm hoping to secure some time with the new guy and get him to see straight.

How can I make the top brass see that the guy needs to be fired? Or involuntarily retired?

There are many holes that need filling in the IT department?s ship. I?m trying my hardest but I?ve fun out of fingers and toes to plug them. The remaining holes are his responsibility and I can?t climb over the top of him to plug them, nor leave my own alone.

The ship is sinking and it?s the First Mate who?s going down with it. That's not the way it happens in the movies!!

Can someone help?

...By the way...the "heath hazard" I suffered was a head injury.

It too cost the company money, but that wall needed replacing anyway.

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I'm going to do just that

by Martin- In reply to Educate your boss....cont ...

Thanks for your input, very beneficial.

When I return to work in a few weeks I'll have that discussion with the supervisor.

I've got the points made and have a clear plan of attack. It should work out in my favor.

I hope!

Thanks again

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Call Me Mr. Negative

by david.cook In reply to Fed Up!

When you got a bad boss, it's time to hang it up and find a new company. I have been in IT for around 15 years and there is one thing that rings true time and time again and it's this.

"there are two types of people in this world, those who know and those who manage..."

I just left my last position because we had an absolutel psycho for a boss, this women could not manage her way out of a paper sack. Since I was hired and quit within a year's period, she has lost 5 developers out of about 8...and her boss thinks she does no wrong..well, that's their problem not mine anymore..

Point is, life is too short to take directions for some moron that didn't earn their position...

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Have to Agree

by In reply to Call Me Mr. Negative

I have to agree with David. Whilst there's been some sound advice so far, I have found that management generally 'sticks together' and it's much harder to convince senior management that your suprerior is a liability than you might think and you are unlikely to come off well.

The approach outlined by Deadly Earnest is the best way forward IMHO. It's non-confrontational and addresses your issues in a positive manner. If after that conversation nothing changes it's time to put up or get out.

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David has best advise

by myke.devlin In reply to Call Me Mr. Negative

read my post below

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Another vote for David

by Too Old For IT In reply to Call Me Mr. Negative

Is it just us guys, or to the women in IT sometimes feel the the incompetant females sleep their way into management?

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A helpful approach

by whaleywashable In reply to Fed Up!

As much as you probably would like to see him hung, drawn and quartered, you can give the appearance of being a team player and a company man by phrasing your complaints as opportunities to develop your manager.

You are not asking to get him fired. You are asking this new manager for help for your manager becasue you have up until now been helping him as much as you can but you now need someone like this new maganger to assist you in helping him .. and then you can present your damning evidence as all the reasons why he needs "help" without fear of looking like you are causing trouble.

Some will see though this and may still think you are causing trouble but it is much harder to pin that tag on you if you approach it this way. Either way you win - lets say this new manager can coach your current manager to a place of being mildly competant then you now have improved your environment somewhat - but more likley it will provide an easy way for senior management to discuss his problems (remember they too do not want to be seen as not being team players and it is an unforgivable sim of a manager to bad mouth his employees) and hopefully they come to the natural conclusion that your evidence has presented. (aka fire him or remove him from influence over you)

For you to pull this off though you do need to develop some kind of genuine sympathy for your boss (afterall he has to live with himself 24x7!) and be able to be happy both for him and the company should a way be found to improve his performance.

If you have been suffering under this arrangement for a long time you may not be able to do that in which case I would advise you to just get out.

Good luck!

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I have secured a meeting time...and a holiday.

by Martin- In reply to Fed Up!

My supervisor came to me and said he'd like to talk about some projects comming up soon, and so I'm going to use this time to talk about the other issues I have.

Depending how that goes will depend how involved our manager gets.

The meeting won't be for at least two weeks because I am taking time off over the holidays.

Hopefully the place is still standing when I return.

But at least that will give me some time to think things over and to spend time with my family.

Who knows, maybe I'll get used to the idea of not working and stay at home fulltime!

Thanks so far to everyone that's offered help. It's been very supportive. I appreciate it.

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Stop making him look good.

by Judy62 In reply to Fed Up!

I had a manager like that in the past, so I stopped covering up for him, and just did my own work. He eventually got caught out, after he tried to get me to wear the **** for all his inabilities. Document everything, so at least you will be able to provide evidence of how incompetant he is.
It may mean to the detrement of the team initially, however, it will work out in the end.

Not sure if speaking to the new manager will help, it may put him offside, and give him the impression that you are a whinger and do not like being managed.

It will be hard, but you never know, if you play your cards right, you may get the role.
Good Luck.

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Been there too

by csandy1 In reply to Fed Up!

You have my sympathies! Add to that the fact that I am a woman working at a "guy's" job as network admin. Document, document EVERYTHING you do and always copy your manager's boss with emails regarding what you have done - forget being a team player, make sure you let the powers that be know what YOU have done! Then let it go and just focus on doing your job the best you can!

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Writing on the wall

by luz.c.cummings In reply to Fed Up!

It sounds to me that you are ready for a change - it depends on how much you want to stay with this company. You could just take the learning experience, add it to your resume and look for another place to work. If he has been at that company longer than you have, chances are that there are links you may not be aware of. I wouldn't worry about getting someone fired but instead of securing a better job, working environment and co-workers for myself.

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