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Fed Up!

By Martin- ·
What can I do about working in a place with a poor IT manager/supervisor?

By ?working? I mean I do it all...ALL.

And by ?poor? I mean, incompetent.

And by ?incompetent? I mean, no knowledge of IT, no knowledge of management, and no desire to gain any, plus actually turning up to work is not only a financial burden to the company but a health hazard to me.

Yes, his mistakes have cost the company dollars, big dollars, and he?s hidden it well with lies and misinformation. The majority of the loss was time...something that an auditor can?t find on a financial database, and something Managment can easily be fooled by. At least ours can.

On a good side there is a new manager on the scene and he seems to be very switched on. I'm hoping to secure some time with the new guy and get him to see straight.

How can I make the top brass see that the guy needs to be fired? Or involuntarily retired?

There are many holes that need filling in the IT department?s ship. I?m trying my hardest but I?ve fun out of fingers and toes to plug them. The remaining holes are his responsibility and I can?t climb over the top of him to plug them, nor leave my own alone.

The ship is sinking and it?s the First Mate who?s going down with it. That's not the way it happens in the movies!!

Can someone help?

...By the way...the "heath hazard" I suffered was a head injury.

It too cost the company money, but that wall needed replacing anyway.

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Risk Management

by birgirsch In reply to Fed Up!


To resolve such problems as these you'll need to change in to the business suite and discuss with the upper level management such issues as service delivery, availability of critical business processes and crucially risk management. Only by discussing these things with the upper management can you hope to get some resolution on this issue. It will not be in your interest to complain with the same old chewed up peace of verbal diarrhoea, "My IT manager doesn?t know the difference between POSIX and POSTIT there for he's incompetent." That will only make your position untenable versus being only unbearable today. You'll need to convince the business management that it's not in the interest of the business to continue on the same track and for that you'll need documentation. Put together cost estimates of unnecessary overtime etc. downtime that could have been avoided and its business cost (ask your CFO for estimates on the cost per hour for unproductive time for example if all IT systems are unavailable). Always use numbers that the business has already accepted (company accounts or numbers from the Finance department) tell them you are working on a business case or something. In fact you have to work on a business case and present that to the management and remember to give them at least two or three customisable options to pick as replacement strategy. Do try to anticipate what the IT managers defence will be as he'll fight when cornered and possibly strike out at you personally so as you are probably not a St Martin of the holy order I would look at contingency planning and at least have some sort of defence strategy ready.

Sample replacement strategies

Combine top level IT management with another bigger department
Simple personnel replacement
Serious allegations should lead to gardening leave and an in-depth management review
Assign a business Mentor to the existing manager (this would usually drive him to leave)
Promotion of existing staff
Promotion of existing staff with a business Mentor and careful oversight

Best regards and good luck

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Send me your resume' (Not many holes here but need a toe or two)

by Ted2634 In reply to Fed Up!

Clearly frustrated by something. Most likely competant. Rotten environment giving IT a bad name. Where are you?

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