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Feds want to stop IT immigrant programs

By jmottl ·
The Department of Defense is proposing a complete hlt to immigrant visas for those working in the U.S. technology field, citing national security issues.
The issue of immigrant labor, and the longtime H1-B visa program, is a hot topic and we want your opinion of what the DOD's plan means for you as a tech leader, your enterprise, and even your professional career path.

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Know the facts first

by wayniac In reply to Corporate Tax Dodge

Corporate Tax Dodge ?

I am an H1B visa holder, not Chinese or Indian but UK born with Australian residency. I came here because my employer in the US could not find a suitable person with my skills.

Having spent 18 months here, I am singularly unimpressed with the quality of the work done here. The H1B holders I have come into contact with are hard-working, extremely well qualified. To get past the stringent H1B entry requirements, an independent skills assessment is performed by a university. Usually the applicant needs minimum degree qualification plus experience. I have these qualifications plus 27 years IT experience. I have made presentations at major US technical conferences and published papers.

I pay social security taxes, all State and Federal taxes and a 401K contribution (investing in US companies).

I am not sure where some of these posters get their information, it is symptomatic of the xenophobic isolationist mindset.

Just consider how many American citizens are workers in foreign countries and their share os the wealth of these nations. Americans generally do not have a dual-tax treaty arrangement with their host country, so their salary package is generally inflated in order to allow them to make exhorbitant sums to cover paying high taxes in the US and generally not much in the other country. I experienced this in Indonesia where I worked as an Australian expat. Australians are hard-working achievers and generally work for less in 3rd world countries than Americans.

As an aside, since I cannot make the required 40 Social Security credits as a 3-6 year H1B holder, can I have my contributions back? Otherwise it would appear that I am supporting the US in my old age and not vice-versa.

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Labor travel should be unrestricted.

by rahul global In reply to Possible Americans First ...

In the 21st century when we are talking about boundry less globe why then restriction on human movement.

If we can talk about less restrictions on business movements from one part of world to another part why shouldn't people be allowed to move freely, i dream of a place wherein people can move freely without needing visas for work, americans can world world wide and rest of world can work in america.

is this not a good idea ??

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Bad Apples Spoil It for Everyone

by jklein In reply to Labor travel should be un ...

Unfortunately 19 evil young men got on 4 aircraft and killed your argument.

Americans can't work everywhere they want on a whim. They must obey the immigration and work laws of the host country just like anyone else.

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few people deciding future for all

by rahul global In reply to Bad Apples Spoil It for E ...

what happened on 9/11 is one of the biggest crimes against humanity and they are punished for daring to do that, isn't it right...

now the basic question is are we going to be influenced by bunch of people determined to make life **** for all. ifwe do so indeed they have succeeded in their mission, because they belong to closed society and try to impose their rules on others and they want to make world a place where people don't have freedom to move, do work, be friends to other.

are we not penalising a whole lot for the acts of few individuals who are as much enemy of all us non americans as they are for americans.

we need to have more stringent checks for safeguard but that doesn't mean close your doors to whole world, remember they are out to do the same and we are helping them to achieve it.........

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Good protection measure US, not IT

by nonamecharlie In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

It's a good idea for the US. If INS runs H1-B visa program like it does the tourist and student visas...they need to plug that hole quick. INS is a study in gross ineptitude, waste, fraud, and abuse.

For the benefit of IT, I am 50/50. On theone hand, the more talent brought into the country the better. On the other, it is fair to brain drain the talent of developing economies? Better to invest overseas for the betterment of those nations.

Anyway, I don't see the need for companies to employ H1-B visa holders. The hysteria surrounding the "shortage of skilled IT workers" is nonsense. Why are headhunters flooded with 3-4 hundreds resumes per post?

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only in America

by billgalaviz In reply to Good protection measure U ...

only in America would you have foriegner's, working around classified data and such to save a buck or two, this attitude needs to stop

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Career is ?

by RRV In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

Hi. Today i have to feed me and my family. Being Indian, i have 1 year in India and 3 years in Dubal-Middle East experience. The 3 years contract job in Dubai is over now. Total 4 years of Post Qualification[MCA] experience is a question. If US is closing down to IT jobs all others are closing down. I'm no way related to religion in either middle east or US. Where will i find a job? In India competition in IT job is at the maximum and at last best candiadates are not recruited just because theywould not stay in job for long. Time will answer me???

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by road-dog In reply to Career is ?

In the US, this is the case also. Before the dotcom implosion, thousands bought into the hype that IT was the "in demand" skillset of the 21st century. This was true at the time. When the HUGE market correction occurred, (c'mon @ $200/share, without even a single quarter in the black?)

Thousands of IT jobs went away after the implosion, and customers waited (and still are) for things to stabilize before investing again. Hence 3 IT persons per opening.

I'm not even going to pretend that I understand The labor market in India, but I suspect that you are the victim of your own success. So many have chosen IT as a vocation and the education system was up to the challenge. The tight market and the large numbers of highly skilled Indians seeking employment is a "crown of thorns".

Things are tough all over, I think that we are all waiting for an overdue turn-around.

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by Packratt In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

Aside from the economic arguments that could be made there is a reason that the H1B process should be looked with more scrutiny. I remember a year or so ago that a study was made by some embassy officials in India of all the accepted H1B requests from just one province. They found that of the applicantions, over 40% did not have verifiable references or eductional records and 33% were determined to be outright fraudulent.

This alone should be worrisome when not too long ago the INS pushed through the accelerated H1B program where companies who paid an extra $1000 or so could hurry the checks along when the checks obviously were very flawed to begin with.

Don't get me wrong here, I know that there are many H1B holders that are very qualified even if they are relatively undercompensated. Thus I don't think that we should bar entrance to everyone. Perhaps the companies should be more culpable here since they are the one's who beg to bring more people over. Maybe sponsors should be held liable if a sponsored H1B holder turns out to have terrorist intent and the sponsor was neglegent in it's reference checks.

This goes along with road dog's idea to make corporate sponsors of H1B applicants to pay for added security as well, after all, if they need the talent so badly they should be happy to pay top dollar for that talent if it doesn't exist here. But, I think we all know that is not why they sponsor H1Bs, it's to undercut the market, that's all.

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Overall Positive Thing

by FluxIt In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

There is a laundry list here that needs to be addressed:

1. Foreigners are driving U.S. salaries down.
2. Security and background checks are difficult.
3. Easter egg code threats are prevalent.
4. Access to sensitive systems (financial, security, DMZ's) is a concern. The biggest IA threat is internal.

Can you imagine an easter egg bomb in Merill Lynch's software for executing buys and sells on the stock market? Or terrorists obtaining intimate knowledge of the Pentagon's DMZ?

I think tightening down on foreign labor is good. Afterall, how many Americans go abroad to work? Marginally few because those Foreign Governments do not allow it. I actually worked abroad but for no money and I had to pay into a 'union' that lined the pockets of some scumbag. I saw at one place the Greek Managers telling foreign staff that they had to pay a tax - that 'tax' went straight into the Greek pockets. They would sit around and laugh about it.

More importantly I think to increase the integrity of IT workers there should be a state licensing program just as with Attorneys, CPA's, Travel Agents, Real Estate Agents, Engineers, etc... Too many flight-by-night and seat-of-the-pants people are in this field.

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