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Feds want to stop IT immigrant programs

By jmottl ·
The Department of Defense is proposing a complete hlt to immigrant visas for those working in the U.S. technology field, citing national security issues.
The issue of immigrant labor, and the longtime H1-B visa program, is a hot topic and we want your opinion of what the DOD's plan means for you as a tech leader, your enterprise, and even your professional career path.

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Some sort of self-regulation?

by road-dog In reply to Overall Positive Thing

I do not believe that and state or federal "licensing" prgram will work. The standards will be too low for qualification and ethics. If such a system were put in place, it would turn into a "give me $50.00, here's your card". Don't get me wrong, manu private organizations are the same way, such as The HTML writer's guild and others.

IT professionals need a strong self-regulation body where solid academic and professional standards are required for membership. Taking it a step further, a solid list of references that are thoroughly checked that would include former supervisors and customers should be required.

If such a body were formed, and certification and membership were contributing factors to my marketability, I would join.

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by FluxIt In reply to Some sort of self-regulat ...

Don't know of any successful self-governing programs.

Although you cannot practice law, accounting, engineering, medicine, travel, pharmacy, private investigation, real estate sales, etc... without first being licensed by the state. Here in South Florida they send alot of people to jail for practicing without a license.

Ask any engineer, attorney, CPA if it just cost them $50 and a hand out.

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Consider this

by rahul global In reply to Overall Positive Thing

If MCDonalds, Ford, Coke & Pepsi want to open shops in other countries that is diversification. why can't we apply the same to human capital, why don't we make movement of human unrestricted, why are we thinking as american's, indians, britons and others, we are human beings.

as in the business labor market should also have buzzword SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

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There Should be Workarounds

by XpertDragon In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

I myself, have worked as an I.T. Support Technician in my current position for 6+ months now, and used to have to travel to Juarez, Mexico often. The organization that I work for has established a manufacturing plant only 15 minutes on the other side of the border. The process for me personally, was to obtain a 1 month work/consulting permit to head down into a working environment in Mexico. This process only required proof of U.S. Citizenship with proper I.D. and your Birth Cirtificate. Ialso realize that the issue at hand is Immigant Work Visas for those that are in the Technology field, and often need to commute to the U.S. to work.

I think in many cases, there are those I.T. professionals that come to work at our U.S. locations with little or no Visa problems at all. I think this issue has to factors to it: 1.) It all depends on your past application process or processes for Work Visas in the past. There are different time periods that you can establish a work Visa in the United States for, and the Department of Defense just may now be stepping up on screening processes that put up a red flag on those immigrants applying for Work Visas with a greater amount of time between expiration periods.

Many of us already know, that We live in a completely different and paranoid world since September 11th, and you will continue to hear about the overly exposed topic of 9/11 and all the concerns it has created for at least the next 5 years of all our lives.

In Conclusion, I think those applying for Work Visas for the FIRST time, will have the most problems and face a new screening system compared to those that have successfuly obtained Work Visas for the past couple years to head over to the U.S. for company work. Doesn't matter if they are coming from Mexico, Canada or Cuba.

Paul M. Chavez

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There are "work arounds"

by irv In reply to There Should be Workaroun ...

4 or 5 years ago I became aware that a vendor whose name stats with "I" was bringing in coding "consultants" from Checknea for 3 or 4 months and then rotating them home. Appears that they were paying a "Consulting" firm a flat fee for services and these "consultants" would come here for several months on a business visa and then return to their homeland. I'm not nocking their intellegence but we had capable people here but not at the low rate these people were being paid by their "consulting" firm employers.

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by FluxIt In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

Numerous countries around the world export thier labor since the durable goods are minimal to export. Predominantly these countries are the Phillipines, India, Pakistan, Borneo, former Soviet Block states and England. Many more export labor but these have a very high degree. Often they send they earning home to family there who are struggling to make ends meet.

The problem is that this is a loop hole and vulnerability for 'unlawful combatants' or terrorist to gain access to our system/society and attack from within. We need to close it up and manage it. In the past the US used immigrnat in a variety of political ways. One was to spread the taste of democracy to everywhere. Another was to pad the electorate with liberal voters. We saw this under the Clinton administration when the gates were opened wide.

I know these things as I used to work for a cruise line as well as abroad elsewhere. Nearly every employee was foreign except me. Go to Disney how many foreigners are there?Another part of the puzzle is that Americans do not want to do dirty work or low pay so others are brought in for that purpose.

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by Garion11 In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

First time I have heard of this. Well, DOD has my full support. Most of them come from India, Pakistan, or the Middle East. Its sad, a few rotten apples can ruin a whole bunch?!? on so forth, but the freedom of a nation (which is more important) shouldn't be compromised. Until those people learn to change their own country first, they shouldn't be allowed in. Its too bad though, there are some brilliant people in the IT industry around the world, which the U.S. companies can benefit from greatly. If anything, India is probably the closest to U.S. as a technology partner. Well, whatever happens, happens!

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"those people"

by road-dog In reply to Interesting

Take it easy on the generalizations. I would not like to be caught between a Hindu and a Muslim. There are lots of different peoples there.

The hijackers involved in 9-11 were here predominantly on STUDENT visas, not H1-B. The whole administration covering immigration and temporary visas for whatever purpose needs an enema.

Absolutely, security comes first. Immigration needs to be temporarily closed and INS needs to get a handle on the foreigners who are already here. We need to separate the sheep from the wolves.

...Then we can get on with the extremely important business of hating the FRENCH!

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Sheep from Wolves...

by Garion11 In reply to "those people"

How do we do that? We certainly can't take out an ad saying..."if you are a terrorist please don't apply...". Like I said, a few rotten apples ruin a whole bunch....blah, blah...

My point is until those people meaning everyone that comes from that area (aka, middle east, India, Pakistan, whatever else) shouldn't be allowed in, period. Its a shame, but...we have to generalize to find those wolves..meaning we have to assume everyone is a wolf. Sadly there is no other way at this point.

I can't even trust the women or children at this point. Dude, I wouldn't even trust their pets.

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I totally Agree

by justin.hess In reply to Sheep from Wolves...

There are too many pepole in the IT industry that are american that are out of work. Why, becuase as IT industry is at it's low right now. There are people who come over on "work visa's" that take those job's. Why because everyything boils down to the all mighty dollar.

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